All over the world businesses are moving more and more towards digital, rather than physical retail spaces. There are still plenty of opportunities to succeed with a retail shop though, especially if you know how to get the shoppers in.

To help your business thrive, take a look at these five powerful tips for increasing foot traffic into your retail store:

  • Let Local Customers Know

People who drive past, who walk, shop, or live nearby need to know about your shop. Take advantage of a selection of customers who are already there and ready to spend. Good signage and fabric banners will grab the attention of local shoppers and let them know why they should find you and where to find you.

  • Create Offers Online To Be Redeemed In-Store

You should already be utilizing online platforms to boost your brand awareness. You can do this with a blog, vlog, website and social media accounts. This not only increases brand awareness but brand interaction. This article on starting a small business blog today is a great place to start if you haven’t already.

A really great way to utilize this platform for your physical retail space is with an offer. You can put out an offer to your newsletter recipients and online followers letting them know they can redeem the offer in-store. This gives them a direct reason to visit the shop in person.

  • Create A Knockout Window Display

A fantastic window display will get the attention of shoppers. It should also then draw them into your shop. Unless you are a well-established brand, it is not a good idea to do anything risky or controversial. Instead, try to stick to standard marketing techniques to make a strong, solid display. You can find some great tips on creating a great window display in this Youtube video. 

  • Affiliate Yourself With Local Businesses For Cross Promotion

There are probably lots of local businesses that in some way relate to your business. For example, a local stationery shop that doesn’t sell craft supplies may well be happy to recommend your craft shop. In turn, you recommend their stationery supplies to your customers in return.


It is very much a ‘you scratch my back’ scenario that is easy to achieve locally. Essentially other businesses and their success boost your customer numbers whilst you boost theirs. It’s a win-win.

  • Use Marketing Techniques To Draw People In

There are a wide range of clever marketing techniques you can use to draw customers in. One example is ensuring staff looks busy when customers walk in, so they feel comfortable shopping.

Another great example is scent. Did you know that some studies suggest 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are generated from scent? Utilizing that in business is a well-known technique to draw customers in.

Some chocolate shops blow the smell of chocolate outside. Other shops might ensure the smell of the bakery extends beyond the bakery area to gain the interest of shoppers. If scent alone can be powerful enough to influence sales, think of how many other clever marketing techniques you could use to gain footfall.

By following our tips above you can increase the amount of customers making their way into your shop. Physical retail spaces are certainly not dead. With the right marketing efforts, your business will not only survive, but it can truly thrive.


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