Our cars or vehicles are one of our most valuable assets. And so, they need to be secured. That’s how the concept of vehicle tracking and immobilisation technology came into the picture. Car trackers basically help us with vehicle security using the best GPS tracker protection/ security features installed in them. If you possess a high end car, the insurance company is most likely to make it mandatory for you to install a car tracker.

There comes various categories of car trackers, and insurance companies will insist you to go for higher models if you live in a city with high crime statistics. The car trackers ensure the highest level of protection for your expensive asset and significantly increase the chances of recovery of a stolen vehicle. So, even though there’s an initial cost, you should definitely think of purchasing a car tracker in UK. Select Auto System Ltd is one of UK’s largest car tracker installation companies. They provide free advice as well as a range of trackers that are perfect to meet your vehicle’s safety requirements.

Benefits of having a cat 5 tracker installed in your vehicle:

Cat 5 trackers are the highest recognized standard of the vehicle tracking industry. This tracker is advised for high value and high performance cars, offering the owners with reassurance and peace of mind. These are the highest rated vehicle security devices; and with car theft on the rise, they are the ones who effectively increase insurer’s chances of tracking and recovering stolen vehicles.

  • Advanced Driver Recognition (ADR): This tracker comes with 2 encrypted key protection remote fobs. Recently, thieves have begun to steal the car keys which allow them to simple drive away with the car, without the need of damaging it. But, now thanks to this tracker, you just need to carry your ADR card whenever you are driving. And then if any xyz person tries to drive your car without an ADR, the 24/7 operating centre will be notified. After getting confirmation from your side, the police will be quickly contacted, who will track your car using GPS positioning of your tracker.
  • Remote Immobilisation: To further ensure that your car is recovered post theft, there’s the immobilisation technology of this tracker. This immobilises the car, preventing the thief from driving it any further — so, makes it useless for the thief. This will lead to a quicker and safer recovery of the stolen vehicle. After it’s recovered, the control centre can make it functional again, and there’s no lasting negative impact on the car.
  • App and computer access: Due to recent developments in the mapping software, these trackers can now be accessed even on private devices such as phones or laptops. This is a new feature that’s available in this tracker and is offered to the customers at no extra cost. Now, you can check or track your car’s location, anywhere anytime through the mobile app or computer.
  • Peace of mind: This is the most important of the lot. Now, every time you leave your vehicle unattended or parked in an unknown area, you can do so without a worry. This tracker ensures that your vehicle is protected to the highest standard and with the best chances of recovery, in case of a theft.
  • They have Level 1 police response: These trackers come with a level 1 police response. Level 1 is basically the highest standard of police response in the United Kingdom. In simpler terms, it means that when the cops are notified of activation, they will start acting on it, with the assumption that the offense is taking place.

So, these were the main reasons why you should get a Cat 5 tracker installed in your vehicle. It will save you money in the long run, due to a reduced insurance premium that this tracker allows. Also, it has an average recovery time of 34 minutes. Now, how cool is that!

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