Whether you are running a manufacturing unit or own corporate business, uniforms play a major role. It builds your organization’s image and acts as a marketing tool too. Having a uniform creates a team spirit among employees as well as a sense of equality and belongingness. Thus, there are many advantages of business uniforms and while designing them, you must consider the organization’s value and employees’ opinion. 

Designing business uniforms should not only focus on the company’s stature but also on the employees’ comfort. The best factor that works out is the age-group. Employees in the same age group tend to have a similar lifestyle and their dedication towards work in your organization reflects their interests. Work uniforms have drastically improved in recent years with a focus on comfort and style. Business owners generally demand embroidered uniforms as they offer a professional finish and last longer as compared to the screen-printed uniforms.

With embroidery, one can get amazing attractive patterns that work out best for business uniforms. The designing with threads create a perfect outlook for uniforms, giving them a professional touch. So, whether you are in a retail business, industrial work, or corporate business, the custom embroidery designs can help you get the best uniforms aligned with your brand’s image.

What is Embroidery?

Well, the term is mostly known by all, but for those who are not aware of it: Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto the garments using a computerised machine. Some also prefer hand-embroidery, but it takes a lot of time and it is costly too. 

Why Choose Embroidered Uniforms?

Embroidered uniforms are perceived as more prestigious as compared to screen printing. Embroidery creates a perfect attire for your business as it has several advantages

No Extra Charge for Colours: Print designs charge extra for multi-colour logos as the raw product required to create colours is costly and two print screens are needed to cast designs. On the other hand, Embroidery does not charge extra as it requires thread only. 

Long-Lasting: As the logo is designed by sewing thread onto the garment, Embroidery uniforms last-long. Print designs on uniforms get easily washed out over time, losing the brand name.

Suitability: Whatever be the type of garment, the embroidery designs make it look perfect. Embroidery is suitable for Polo T-shirts, business shirts and accessories, like hats and gloves.

Gives a Professional Finish: Unlike printing, commercial embroidery machines have multiple needle heads that read the logo from the program by the process of digitisation, and the logo is crafted with sharp details giving a perfect finish.

Custom embroidery, when stitched to uniform, speaks volumes about your business. The bright threads make the company’s logo appear stunning and promote your brand. Custom embroidery has a lot of advantages than screen printing. It is cost-effective, long-lasting and gives impeccable quality. 

It also boosts employees’ morale and builds confidence. This creates a positive environment and increases the overall productivity of your organisation. 

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