This technique of solid plastering has its roots back to the ancient Roman times. It all started with the application of a mixture of lime, sand and volcanic ash over rough mud or block walls. Prior to this, stone, clay and straw huts were plastered interiorly so as to offer its inhabitants a smooth and softened surface. Towards the middle ages, solid plaster was used in a more decorative way, so as to enhance the appearance of both exterior and interior walls.

In recent times, this plastering technique has been preserved and upgraded to include new styles, textures, and patterns. These cater to applications over a wide array of building substances such as brick, block, plasterboard, and even lightweight walling such as polystyrene. If you want your wall to have improved durability, water tightness, overall appearance, thermal and acoustic properties, the best option is to go for Solid plastering. HomeSmart offers a wide range of home maintenance services starting from cladding repairs to plaster crack repairs to painting and what not. They are committed to providing their customers with the best services at the best of prices.

Advantages of the solid technique of plastering:

Embarking on a plastering project can be a daunting thought, but an expert plasterer may recommend this technique of plastering to you. Earlier, this was the only plastering technique available, and it’s so effective that it’s still in use till date. This technique involves covering the entire wall in a solid coat with no plasterboard underneath. It ensures that the results are completely sealed, levelled, and weather proof. And not to forget there’s the benefit of a subsequent Interior painting work of the highest possible standard.

  • Sound-proofing: Needless to say, there are quite a few acoustic benefits of this plastering. Plaster walls offer a great sound barrier due to their thickness. Rooms having a solid plaster are totally sound-reflective. They result in clearer sounds as well as a better block, which ensures that the sound doesn’t pass into the other rooms that easily.
  • Weatherproofing: One of the main problems that the walls in our home face is due to the weather — moisture builds up on the walls leading to out-of-sight and even unsafe mould growth. Solid plaster thankfully isn’t subjected to mould and moisture growth or damage. And not to forget, there’s the aesthetic factor of clean and fresh looking walls for years.
  • Fire-safe: Everybody wants their home to be a perfectly safe place that keeps their family safe and sound. Opting for your walls to be solid plastered is a guaranteed way of keeping your home safe from fire damage. You can be very well sure about the fact that you are in compliance with the fire safety guidelines and rules in your area.
  • Streamlined vibe: This technique of plastering is apt for clients who are looking for a smooth and even finish. It’s one of the best techniques which give any home a modern and clean look including smooth joints and clean angles. Also, such levelled surfaces are perfect for the application of any kind of textures and paints.
  • Long-lasting: And finally, it’s the best option to go for, if you want your walls to be looking good as new for years to come. There’s no need for regular repairs. This technique is well durable and much lesser prone to dents, scratches, general wear and tear etc. So, your walls will be well preserved into the future.

So, these were some of the major benefits that solid plaster can bring into your home and life. This classic and traditional plastering technique holds its position strong till date and is a much safer and attractive alternative for renovating your home. So, what say? Are you up board for a solid game?


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