Now here’s a question I take great pleasure in answering personally! Being a company that specialises in energy efficiency, what difference can Engine make in terms of saving energy and reducing the business world’s impact on the environment?

The planet’s natural resources are diminishing at a mind-boggling speed, and the consumption of energy, generally in excess, contributes to polluting the Earth. As far as statistical facts go, one must know that businesses account for no less than 30% of the global carbon emissions! A massive third of the CO2 emissions leading to the greenhouse effect is directly due to business activity.

Knowing this, it’s easier to understand how much of a difference and positive impact Engine can have on the planet! Saving energy means reducing carbon output and also means reducing horrendous energy bills. So it’s not only doing a good green action, it’s also doing ourselves a favour because it saves us money.

But how? It’s fairly simple: inefficient appliances or conventional equipment (incandescent light bulbs for instance) source more energy than they actually need to function! So it costs more for the end user, and it pollutes the planet more. Engine have an energy efficient lighting system (LESS) which eliminates this problem by providing lights that are ‘intuitive’ in that they know what intensity is needed in relation to the sunlight available in a room. They also consume the right amount of energy that is required for the system to be operational, no more.

Engine also have similar solutions for air conditioning, motors and refrigeration.Engine give businesses the opportunity to save tremendous amounts of money previously wasted on outrageously high energy bills, and contribute to preserving the planet by achieving carbon emissions reduction.

I don’t know how anyone could logically decide not to implement energy saving products, knowing they are actually beneficial financially as well as environmentally. People tend to think they are more expensive. The fact is, the initial cost of these appliances may be a little higher than conventional ones up front (no more than 5-10% in most cases however) but it is a drop in the ocean when compared to the continuous savings that they will generate by reducing a business’ running costs – from 15-30% savings have been widely witnessed, and sometimes more!
Would you say that saving money is better than wasting it? Well same applies to energy!

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