When it comes to wedding decor, you got many things to consider and decide on. For instance, have you picked out your wedding theme yet, and have you decided on the minor details which can highlight various aspects of the whole venue? You cannot delay much once the wedding date is fixed, and especially when it’s around the corner. Most couples take a step back because of their budget and aren’t able to live their dream wedding. If you are one of those couples who don’t hesitate in experimenting and are not looking for an extravagant expensive wedding affair, here is a list of ideas which are easy to incorporate in your wedding decor without spending much.

1. Drape Up

If you have seen drapes at a wedding reception decoration before then you might second our point that beautiful drape decor is enough to infuse life in your wedding venue. It’s so amazing to see how a long fabric piece can do wonders for you. White drapes look serene and classy but if are a vibrant soul, then vibrant colours like yellow, orange or blues will get along with your personality quite well. Go easy on the table because drapes will attract the eyes of the guests all the time. Ask the services providing you furniture for hire regarding different drape types and shades ideas for your decor for setting up a perfect wedding ceremony.

2. Escort Cards for All

Assigning a specific person to escort the guests to their tables is a big task. Instead of inviting such hassle your way, opt for escort cards. They are easy, quick and can be a beautiful part of the whole decor. Use a big piece of cardboard or wood and decorate it as per your theme. This way you don’t have to worry about the guests running in chaos to find their seats and placing it at the entrance of the venue would make the task even simpler.

3. Wedding Wall Decorations

You can do this in a number of ways. You can put up your and your spouse’s childhood pictures for a nostalgic feel. You can choose some beautiful family pictures or even create collages for a nice picture wall. Since it’s your wedding, another great idea is to bring the elders of your house in limelight by sticking up wedding pictures of your parents, grandparents and uncles & aunts and even create it in form of a family tree for a fun touch.

4. Simple Wedding Ceiling Decor

Like we talked about the drapes, there are numerous other easy ceiling decor ideas which would take less time to be assembled and would look absolutely gorgeous. If flowers make your soul happy, then hanging flowers would make you the happiest. If you are not much of a flower person, don’t worry because fresh grass garlands are there to the rescue. Now, if none of this pleases your eye, then paper lanterns would do the trick for you. You can opt for glass lanterns as well with flameless or flame candles for a chic look.

5. DIY Wedding Table Decorations

What’s a romantic evening without the right candle decor? Weddings are all about new beginnings, new light in life, love and romance which makes candles an essential part of your wedding decorations. Cut short on bright lights by lighting up every table with 4-5 candles and dim lighting for creating a comforting and beautiful ambience.

6. Picture Backdrop

If you are not willing to opt for a wedding photobooth, no worries. Like you got your escort cards board made with such creativity, expand the size and create a picture backdrop for all your guests. Make a separate picture section where you could organise for a pretty backdrop and props for the most cherishable wedding pictures.

Yes, wedding decor can be chaotic, but with these great tips you can focus less on the workload and more on the fun. Use these tips to your advantage for setting up a gorgeous wedding venue in an inexpensive, low budget and hassle free way whether it’s an outdoor wedding or an indoor one.

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