The feeling that you get on your wedding day is too precious to be described in words. It is considered to be the most significant day in a person’s life.

On the other hand, a hen do is the most fun party of a girl’s single life. It can be wild, adventurous, relaxing or a perfect blend of all three.

The comparison of emotions between the two is insignificant because the purpose of both events is different. However, the three factors that are common in both of them are mentioned below. They are not directly related to each other but are interdependent. Read on to know how:

  • Planning

The planning process of a wedding is a time-consuming task which requires constant efforts, management skills, and creativity. From selecting the venue, flowers, food, to inviting the guests, writing the vows and keeping cool; all fall under the same umbrella. You can hire professionals to plan and manage your big day, but still, you have to be on your feet to make sure everything is in place. You still have to select and purchase your own wedding dress, buy a wedding ring and what not! You can neither run from it nor enjoy it entirely because it is genuinely tiring.

The hen do planning is supposed to be the job of the maid-of-honour. Be it a hen party in Sydney or one in Amsterdam; you need to take the final decision, and accordingly, your bestie will manage the bookings. The purpose needs to be defined too, i.e. you want it to be a relaxing stay or a wild party. This will help in finalising the activities, like spa appointments and strip dances respectively. From destinations and experiences to inviting all the gals and finalising the dates; your maid-of-honour needs to keep you in the loop for the final say. It is not a tiring task for you, but for your bestie. Whether it is a hen party at Riga or a Sydney hen do book at Sydney Hotshots, make sure you go for the right options to have the best moments of your single life.

  • Excitement

Obviously, you are excited for the wedding day! However, you might be nervous about the big event too. Yes, the excitement is incomparable, and the waiting is quite thrilling, but isn’t the moments worth it? You might expect the tedious planning will bring it down a notch but in reality, it only escalates it. You realise how close you are getting to the moment that will change your life forever.

On the other hand, a hen party is more exciting because you don’t have to be nervous about anything. It will even diminish the nervousness of the wedding, and if it is planned well, then you are in for an adventurous or a relaxing weekend with your gals. It needs to be filled with surprises and experiences that you deserve as a beautiful single lady.

  • Stress

The gravest part of pre-wedding days is the stress that you and your loved ones are under. As already mentioned above, the preps require time and money; quite a lot of it. Even when you have saved enough for the big day, keeping a check on it is quite stressful. The worries of everything; from cake, ring and dresses to guests, entertainment and vows. It can really do a number on you, but it’s worth everything!

A hen party is not pro-stress but indeed an anti-stress event. It is organised to lower down your worries and stress before the wedding day, and offer you a single life sendoff that you deserve. Every lady is entitled to live fantastic moments; some secret, some worth flaunting. Your maid-of-honour and other gals are expected to gift you those moments, and together y’all can create unforgettable memories.

There is no moment which you will regret in either of the two. All you need to do it plan it well and have a blast!

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