Home décor is the best creative outlet of your dreams and ideas, and of course preferences. A subtle way to let the world know what talent you possess, and what your likes and dislikes are. That way, your home becomes the replica of your thoughts! In short, it’s totally a personal conception of your private world.

But aren’t we just bored of decorating our homes in the typical ways since ages? Interior design trends change every season! It is impossible to keep pace with it! But there are some key timeless classic factors that always rule the roost. Haven’t you upgraded your home decor in a long time? Well, isn’t it time that you did?! There are very few people who think out of the box in these terms. It’s time we took a step in this direction and opted for some good and unique home décor ideas. This includes hiring the best painting contractors in Auckland like Ayda Painting Company, who are truly rulers in giving your home a fresh and new look with an ultimate finish that you desire. Their experts in this field are known to do the best justice to those walls of our sweet homes.

New and unique ways of modern home décor

Let’s give a chance to something amazing and exciting today! Who says the rigours of living in the same house day in and day out should make it monotonous?! You have the key to spice it up! But before you get to decorating your home, the essential step is thorough cleansing — it is like the primer before painting! After getting done the regular cleaning process at your home, like wallpaper stripping in Auckland and scrubbing the tiles and grouts etc, it’s time to welcome the new! 

  • Old Glass Bottle Decor — Are you wondering if you read it right? Yes, you did so! We just need old glass water or any other bottle that could be hand painted (or machine painted for that matter) and used in our homes. Buy these from the store that sell old items at cheap rates, take it straight away to glass painters and get them painted in different colours. Don’t forget instructing them to make a hole in its base for your décor purpose. Yup! That’s done now. Just hang them around the windows, and let them make some clunking noise when they sway. And the look of would create an intoxicating effect at your place. Cute, isn’t it? Try it as soon as possible now! Oh, if you could manage to get some electrical wiring inserted, then they can even turn into magical mood lighting! 
  • Cane Rounded Lamps — This is an idea that’s been adopted from the beautiful Turkish homes. The rounded cane lamps of all sizes and shapes just look beautiful. The light can play hide and seek through the cane structure, thereby creating the perfect backdrop for romance. These lamps surely have that cheerful vibe to it than can transfer your homes into mansions from the scenes of the Arabian Nights.
  • Customised Furnishings — Today, everything is customised and personalised! From passport covers to pillow covers we can embed our names on each of these. They do create a sense of belonging in us each time we look at them. You can choose to customise various things in your home too, like — monograms with embroidery or paint on curtains, bedsheets, sofa covers, cushions, etc. You can try putting up your wedding photography embossed on the cushion covers for your bedroom, or your last names flaunted and written well on your doorknobs or tablemats and coasters. The options are endless — you just have to get creative! 
  • Colourful Lightings — It’s been high time you gave up that regular white lights flooding the entire room. Mood lighting is in. You also have the option to choose from the beautiful ranges of coloured lighting to illuminate your homes. These can give any room a totally new look. Try different soft colour lights in different rooms. If possible, contrast it with your walls and just wait for the magic to begin.

Loved these ideas, didn’t you? Aren’t they just as capturing as you dream your home’s fresh decor to bet? Well, then start using your magic ideas and begin the task of redefining your homes in the most unique and creative way! 

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