Water blasting (or Hydro Blasting) is one of the best and most efficient cleaning services for large areas like concrete driveways, wooden decks, outdoor furniture etc. It’s basically a cleaning method that relies solely on the extensive pressure of water and the (calculated) force by which it’s applied. Obviously, there are other much more factors that ensure its efficient and effective functioning, but the cleaning effect achieved through it is simply jaw-dropping.

This technique of cleaning can be used to get rid of thick dust accumulation, removal of old paint, rust, rubber, contaminants and much more. Though there are various equipment related to it, and even DIY techniques and videos of the same going viral on the internet (about its procedure and operation), it still demands a professional handling for better results. For instance, if you want to go for an impressive driveway cleaning in Auckland, Pro Water Blasting Company is the best one to do the job! They provide a thorough cleaning of commercial buildings, wooden decks, driveways homes etc. The ensure cleaning out the dirt, stains, moss and lichen and make your space shine like new!

Why Water Blasting isn’t a Cake Walk!

So, you thought of doing a session of water blasting wooden decks at your place, and find it a little marred instead? Even though you own all of its equipment and have seen those YouTube videos for umpteen times, the results are not you expected? Well, that’s why we said, it isn’t a child’s play! Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t (and perhaps can’t) do it on your own!

  • Moisture Accumulation in Gaps — Water blasting at home can be a reason for filling up of gaps with water. Due to the high pressure in which the water is sprayed, if it’s not professionally handled, it can give you a tough time with those cracks getting wet with excess water in them. Even the wooden floorings and windows may get affected with it and wear down early because of the moisture accumulation in them.
  • You Can Wear Those Plants off — When you water blast at certain areas, you tend to get carried away in the task, thereby killing those innocent greens of your home. In most of the cases of amateur water blasting, residents are seen destroying their plantations while they clean the area around (thanks to the firm pressure of water). On the contrary, if you let a professional handle this task, they know how to control the pressure and handle tricky areas to avoid such disasters while they do their job of cleaning.
  • Ugly Marks on Wood — In majority of the cases, amateur water blasting technique on wooden surfaces result into ugly marks on them. Which is even worse than the dirty look it had before, as the marks stand out against the clean backdrop. It’s because the detergents used in this cleaning technique may be of acidic nature. With the fast pressure of water, you couldn’t make out if it’s washed away properly (or not). This leads to some residues, which create these ugly stains. You just can’t compare it to the perfect work done by the professionals in cleaning it spic and span without any such residue.
  • Can Destroy the Walls Along With the Paint — The heavy pressure of water that is used in this technique can have damaging effects. When you don’t regulate the force of water and try this out at home, you can destroy the walls along with the paint on them. The pressure of water blasting can be severe and it can affect your plasters or walls creating cracks in them. It’s better to avoid such kind of mistakes that may add up to your expenses and hassle. Let the professionals do their job as they know the exact pressure and technique needed to do the task.
  • Water Blasting Injuries Can be Dangerous — Yes! You read it right! Water blasting can cause injuries and that too serious enough to be compared with the wound caused by a bullet. Do you know how much pressure is used in water blasting? Strong enough to move a heavy steel object from a place, or the reason for rust to come out of its surface! Naturally, it’s severely harsh on human flesh as well. If by any chance, you get affected by it because of inexperience and inefficiency, it’s contaminated water, often laced with the cleaning chemicals (which are really strong and harsh), enter your body with a force – and that can lead to major infections, pain and even burn marks. In case of any such accident, immediately seek medical help. 

There are various other hazards of trying water blasting at home that can be dangerous to you, your vicinity and most importantly to your wallet. Reversing the damages caused to people or property can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, a professional cleaning team is the best option when you are thinking of this technique to clean your homes!

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