On an average, we spend most of the time on any given day inside our house, and many times our mood depends directly upon the kind of surrounding we are in. So if your home looks dull and shabby, believe it or not, it will have some effect on your take on life. Apart from this, who doesn’t want to flaunt their house to friends, relatives and neighbours?!! We all try our best to keep the interior of our home perfect and trendy in order to impress anyone who steps inside (for the first time, and then each consequent time!).

Wouldn’t it be lovely to hear from all the guests on every house gathering how gorgeous your house looks?! Also, the way your house is decorated would give away a lot about your personality. So, be very careful while picking out decorative items and pay close attention to every little detail. In order to make sure that the rooms look perfect, redo the interior plastering in Auckland. Auckland Premium Painters provide high quality painting and plastering service for your home and workplace. Even though they are highly reputed, they are also extremely affordable!

Top trending interior paint colours

Even if we don’t consider the luxurious decorative pieces, the basic thing that plays a major role in making the rooms look a certain way is the interior paint colour. You can choose any colour(s) from the exciting shade cards, and seek help from the North Shore professional painters to get the job done. However, choosing a specific colour for a specific room can be a bit tricky. Here are the topmost trending interior paint colours of 2019:

  • Hazelnut: Inviting and warm rich shade of hazelnut is something that is timeless. If you want to play safe and lean towards something that will never ever go out of style, then the warm hazelnut is the right colour for you! You also don’t have to think about it clashing with existing furniture and décor in the room. This colour bounces off light and makes the room look brighter. Also, it forms an illusion and makes the space look bigger than it actually is. So, you need to go from one room to the other and decide which room could use these characteristics the most.
  • Lilac Grey: There is no denying that dove grey is classy and extremely posh when it comes to interior paint. But there is a little twist to this colour in 2019. How about something just as posh, but with a little lilac undertone? We can all just close our eyes and imagine how marvellous and in vogue this colour would look on a continuous wall. The upsides of lilac grey over strict dove grey are that it is warmer and moodier. Also lilac grey is more cheery and gender neutral. If you are a sucker for grey and want majority of your hose bathed in that theme, then lilac grey would be a great alternative, and would gracefully break the monotony to add some warmth.
  • Dark green: No matter how much we exaggerate about his rich hue, it will never be enough. Just close your eyes and think about giant glistening emeralds spilled in front of you. This colour is absolutely breath-taking, and gives a sheer regal touch to the house. Green is a colour that resonates with nature, and nature soothes our mind and soul. So, having some part of your interior painted in the lush deep green paint will give a fresh and soothing effect.
  • Cool Blues: If you are a traditionalist, and have simple approach to interior designing, then ice blue, charcoal blue, powder blue and grey blue are some of the perfect shades of blues for you. Blues are not too mainstream, but also nothing too flashy. They are extremely cool toned and will make the interior of your home seem fresh and cool even on a hot sunny day when the temperature is unbearable outside. Unlike white, it will not reflect so much light that your eyes begin to hurt, but will still make the rooms look spacious.

These are the few trending interior paint colours of 2019. However, the list doesn’t end here! You could also go for muted pastels in any shade or something warm and sophisticated like mustard. No matter what colours you choose, make sure there is a harmony amongst all the rooms in your house.

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