Owning a business is a matter of pride and passion for many people. A lot of people dream to be their own boss and run a business about something that matters to them. Also, with the advent of technology and digital marketing, many have been able to live this dream because it made everything very easy and simple. People have been able to find solutions to their problems quickly and things have been moving great in the business world as well.

However, a lot of data still shows that 80% of start-ups still fail as they shut down in the first 18 months of their business. Many of the entrepreneurs only focus on increasing their sales but completely forget on lowering their overheads and expenses. This is an important aspect to consider.

The biggest expense is the space. If you do not have your own space, you have to pay a rental for it. This takes away a lot from your bank account. Instead, you can consider switching to a virtual office space. Ever heard of that before?

What is virtual office space?

Virtual office space is a solution which was invented back in 1994 by Ralph Gregory. It basically provides people with all the benefits of a physical office without having an actual desk or space. You can basically work remotely through the internet by providing a range of serviced solutions. At the same time, the virtual office solution gives business owners a chance to maintain their physical presence in their preferred location without actually paying enormous rental amounts for any space or desk.  

What is included in a Virtual Office Space Rental?

The virtual office space rental provides with the following:

·         Business Postal Address

This would basically help your business give a good impression because if you write your postal address on your official website and visiting cards, it would not give a good impression.

·         Receptionist

Yes. You heard it right. Virtual office solution provides you with a receptionist. This will be very helpful when you plan to arrange a meeting in or around your virtual office space rental. This will give a good impression to your clients and customers both. Also, your virtual office space will seem a little less virtual.  

·         Mail Scanning Service

Virtual office spaces are surely serviced office solutions. Basically, if you are getting a mail delivered to your virtual office, you need not go there and pick it up yourself. Instead, someone at the office will open the envelopes and scan the documents to mail you. In this way, you can be updated with your mails. You can always pick up the hard copy when you visit your office.

·         Meeting Rooms

Even cheap virtual office space provides you with this option. You obviously do not have a full-time desk but, it is possible to arrange meetings with your clients and staff at your virtual office space.  

·         Voicemail and Phone answering service

Virtual office space rental gives you this service as well. You can simply get your incoming calls answered when you are not available. This also means that you do not have to give your personal number to anyone. You can actually use a landline number which will leave a professional impression on your customer’s mind.  

Virtual office space for rent is available in almost all big cities. It is a good idea to rent them instead of renting a full-time space. You will be able to save a lot of money in the initial months of your business. Also, it is possible for you to hire the staff and ask them to also work remotely. You can always use the meeting room once a week to mark the progress.

You will not only save up on the rental costs but, will be able to save up on the electricity bill, furniture cost, water cost and much more. This serviced solution is the best idea for saving up your costs.


However, these are the basic services that almost all the virtual office spaces provide. However, it is important to read and check all the services beforehand. Some virtual space providers might offer you other added benefits while some might provide you with limited options based on the rental charge.

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