Unique House Party Themes And Ideas

Aren’t you bored of going out to the same pubs or bars for your Saturday night parties with friends? After a long tiring week of work, you want to blow off some steam with your friends, but going to the same bar or restaurant over and over again can get monotonous. You will also be spending so much money for the same experience week after week, why not try something in your own home?

House parties are definitely more fun than going out. There are no formal rules or guidelines in a house party. You can invite more people than a table at the restaurant allows, you can party till late without any deadlines and can wear whatever you want, even pyjamas, because it’s your own home, your personal space.

Keeping in mind the many advantages a house party has, let’s now look at some unique themes and ideas for your next house party.

 1. Poker Night

For all those who know how to play poker, this will be the best house party and for those who don’t, well you can always gamble on who’s going to win. All you need for a poker themed house party, are some enthusiastic poker players, a poker set or two, if you will have multiple games going on simultaneously. If you want to take it up a notch, then get a poker table on hire in Sydney, to give your poker themed house party a casino feel. You can use decks of cards as decorations for the poker night and name cocktails after poker lingo.

You can easily get a poker table on hire in Sydney, so if you want you can have that in the centre of your living room as an exclusive decorative item.

2. Retro Night

Go back in the time of celebrating love, peace, disco dancing, colourful clothing and host a retro themed house party. This will be totally unique and more fun than going to a pub or bar on a Saturday. If you really want to blow off some steam, blow it off like the 60s and 70s. Send out invites to your friends telling them about the theme and have a strict retro dress code. Compile a playlist of some of the finest music from the retro era, put up some disco balls as decor, put up posters of peace signs and love quotes to give the feel of a retro club and voila, there you have your retro themed house party!

3. Cuisine Themed Potluck

Food has forever been the best way to enjoy the weekend and blow off some steam. Get your friends together and decide on a cuisine that each of your friends is going to cook a dish of. Let each friend choose a course of the meal, and then get together for a dinner where each friend brings their cooked dish and you all can enjoy a new cuisine while having fun experimenting with cooking something new.

4. Board Game Night

Board games always bring back some fond memories of our childhood. Get your gang together for a night of being children again and play some of the old board games you all enjoyed as kids. This will be an absolutely fun night where you all can talk, play games, drink, dine and all of this in the comfort of your homes where no one is judging how loud you laugh or whether you spill your drinks.


Hosting themed house parties gives you a new experience, will leave you feeling refreshed and of course you’ll be having lots of fun doing something unique and different than what you do every other weekend.

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