A Hampton style kitchen renders breezy, coastal calm and elegance to your classic home. Hampton kitchens are popular in Australia since time immemorial, and with 2019 bringing a gigantic wave of kitchen trends, you might want to jazz up your cooking space.

If you are looking for substance and character in design but also don’t want to lose the contemporary touch, then Hampton style kitchen is a godsend for you. This article will shine some light on the key design elements of a coastal kitchen. So read on to learn more.

  • Layout Design

The layout of a Hamptons style kitchen is a good mix of traditional and contemporary features, with exposed timber walls, beams, pitched ceilings, open spaces and bright colours to spruce up the area. You will also need several windows and vents to make your Hamptons kitchen airy and well-lit during your daytime cooking. Also, keep some room for planters to incorporate nature into your cooking oasis.

  • Cabinets and Storage

While storage is essential for any kitchen, with Hampton kitchens, it has to be a little different yet appealing. White is the first choice for the cabinetry, or you can go with pale shades of grey, blue or green, accented with streamlined details to introduce the colours of the ocean to your kitchen. Use minimalist satin finished handles and exposed hinges to complete your Hampton kitchen cabinetry.

  • Organised seating

Oak and walnut are the perfect choice of material for creating Hampton furniture. Preferably a pair of bar stools with a sleek design and off-white finish would do justice to your kitchen seating. For what it’s worth, you can spend as much as you want to add more seating area but don’t go over the board to end up making your kitchen a conference hall.

  • Lighting

The purpose is to create a well-lit atmosphere for the coastal cooking experience. Try to get more and more natural light in for your daytime cooking, and you can also replicate the effect for the night with the right selection of lights. Nothing brings out the classic appeal like oversized pendant lights overlooking the kitchen island. You will also need bright LED lamps in the corners to illuminate the space evenly.

  • Kitchen Countertop

A Hampton style kitchen permits both wooden and marble countertops, but the choice may vary according to your taste and budget. A wooden countertop is an ideal fit for kitchens where you want an organic coastal feel while marble countertops render a timeless appeal to the surface. Any which way you go about the countertop, your Hampton kitchen will definitely give you a rewarding experience.

  • Splashbacks

Splashbacks are an important part of any kitchen and not just the Hampton’s. While you pick a splashback for your Hampton kitchen, it is imperative that you don’t break the design consistency with a regular one. You can use ceramic tiles, preferably pale colours matching your cabinetry, to give your Hampton kitchen the final touch. You can incorporate various shapes, such as square, hexagonal or rectangle using traditional tiles that should keep to the desired Hampton style.

A majority of kitchens in Newcastle have recently undergone a Hampton style transformation and the outcomes have really been satisfactory for the homeowners. If you feel your kitchen is not big enough for the conversion, you can consult a kitchen design expert to negotiate compact spaces and give you your dream kitchen on a budget.


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