As we love to dress beautifully to look good, so do we love to be surrounded by gorgeous things around us to feel wonderful!  Whether its natural serene scenes, or stunning walls at home, they never fail to enhance our mood. Especially when our homes are concerned, we crave to get good vibes instantly as we enter it. But what if our home looks dull and worn out? Would we feel great even then? Of course not! Even our houses deserve to be gorgeous! After all home is where our heart is! Isn’t that the reason why we take so much effort to beautify it? We don’t hesitate to spend thousands of bucks to keep it maintained.

But have you ever thought of what compromises the major part of our home? The walls! Naturally, how the walls of your home look can make or break the pizzazz quotient of your home. This is the prime reason why most of the architects give a huge thought to doing a good interior plastering in Auckland. HBS Interior plastering offers a number of solutions for a well laid-out and impressive looking interiors — from plasterboard services to gib fixing and stopping, from insulation to steel framing, from painting services to providing villa-board – they are experts in all these spheres, and more.

Best Interior Wall Finishing Designs

There can be a number of ideas to enhance the beauty of your walls. These ideas can give your home a charming new look that would instantaneously freshen it up. Some of the ideas that can create jaw-dropping wall finishes are discussed here —

  • Plaster and Plasterboard for Beautiful Walls – Plastering can not only help to smoothen the wall, but also to add layers and texture to it. A focal point can be created by innovatively using plasterboard in Auckland to add depths and dimensions to your wall décor. With the help of these plaster based interior design ideas, you can turn the flaws to something glamorous to flaunt. They can also camouflage the unwanted pillars or any other similar structure that you want to hide. Plastering furthermore helps to properly sustain the paint (so that it does not flake and fall) – so, colour it with the hues of your choice to give the walls an elegant look.
  • Painted Walls Blank walls are like a white canvas for an artist – you can simply let your imagination run wild. From painted murals to 3D paint – the choices would make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. However, remember to keep some basics right. Research which type and texture of paint would be best suited for your walls. Also, use the psychology behind the colours during the selection process – a yellow wall spells joy and creativity, blue represents serenity, green says tranquillity, red imparts energy, brown is a neutral that makes a space warm and inviting – pick the hue that would best suit the purpose of the room concerned.
  • Wallpapers to Impart a Unique Look – Wallpapers can make your room look as elegant or as quirky as you want. These are available in various colours, patterns, textures and even prints. Gone are the days (remember the Victorian era?) when heavy wallpapers covered all the walls of a room. Now these are strategically used along with other wall finishes to create stunning effects.
  • Fabric Interior Wall Designs From Victorian era to modern day world, upholstered walls have always exuded charm and elegance. They add a softness to a room that is soothing to the soul. Apart from aesthetics, they also provide the functionality of acoustics (sound insulation). From tufting to trimmings, from bold patterns to neutral textures, from glossy silks to matte linen – here also you shall be spoilt for choice!
  • Wood Paneling Wall Designs — Wood paneling add a somber yet classy touch to any room. They have a timeless appeal that can be molded to coordinate in any style of home décor you may opt for. Any paint or stain can be added to further the charm of this already beautiful wall finish.
  • Artistic Mould Crafts on Walls The mould crafts on the walls are catchy and attractive creations that can add beauty and depth to any room’s décor. Moulds actually are like art work on your walls. They could be used to create patterns as simple as panelling to as elaborate to house mirrors or wall art, or as creative as emulating a piece of furniture – for example, you can use moulds to create the illusion of a headboard, making it turn into a focal point in your bedroom.

You see, home is a reflection of your persona. So should be your walls. When you give your walls all these unique treatments – it can be nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful. If your walls could speak, they would have definitely thanked you! 

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