Will you hire the first transportation service that you see on a catalogue or a little research goes along the way for you? Whether it’s a sightseeing tour, a sporting event or airport transfers, finding the right transportation company can be a tedious task, especially when you have dozens of options to choose from? Well, we understand that the struggle is real which is why here is a curated list of a few on-point questions which will help you take the pick with ease. Read on and thank us later.

  • What is your accommodation speciality?

This question pertains to the seating capacity of the vehicle. Inform the potential service providers about the size of your travel party and take an estimate of whether they are able to serve you or not. Whether it’s an airport transfer or a sporting event, if the travellers amount to a crowd (5 or more people) then it’s crucial for you to be sure about the service. Ask them about their vehicle and drivers, and as you ease into a good conversation with the service provider, you’ll have all your answers.

  • What are your specialities?

Ask about the specialities of the transportation providers which sets them apart from their competitors. From reasonable pricing to a mini-fridge and pantry service in the vehicle, a true-to-their-profession service will be able to answer this question with ease. For instance, if you need to hire transportation from London to Southampton, then booking one like E Minibus, where you get experienced and friendly drivers along with fully air-conditioned vehicles, will be beneficial for you and your pocket. Once you know the USP point of all services, the comparison will be easier than ever.

  • How many years of experience do you hold?

Experience always counts. An experienced transportation service which has worked with numerous clients and strived to satisfy each one of them has learnt a lot of valuable business lessons along the way. However, the same cannot be said for the newbies. Answers regarding their most significant challenge and what are the most important things they learnt over the years about customer mentality and requirement will also help you take the right pick.

  • What about your availability?

Don’t be surprised if the one service you thought to be your perfect pick turned out to be unavailable to serve you. This is the case with all the leading services during peak seasons. If your travel plans are already on the cards and you are about to make stay arrangements, then you should think about your transportation too. Book your transportation service provider quite ahead of time so there are no last-minute hassles to face when in a new city.

  • How flexible are you with last-minute changes?

This is one of the most crucial aspects of finalising a transportation service. Even if you plan months ahead of your travel dates, travel itinerary can change at a moment’s notice due to any unforeseen reason. With that in mind, make sure you opt for a company which is not rigid when it comes to last minute changes. Ask them about their policy which comes into force in such situations, and also inquire about any extra charges so you don’t get a surprising hole burning bill at the end of your trip.

Use these tips to your advantage to finalise a company which is reliable and honest and fits the bill perfectly for you. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends who might be taking a trip soon too. Happy travelling!

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