Bedroom spaces are designed to be relaxed and lived in, more than any of the other spaces in a living setup.  Don’t you feel it’s important to design your room, to match the comforts you expect at the end of the day? Sprucing up your space is easy, when you know what you are looking for. You may have a keen eye for comfort, warmth and corresponding elements. It also depends on who is planning to use the bedroom, and their preferences, budget and comfort.

Renovating your bedroom is fun and you get to choose from so many options these days. There are numerous resources for research on the internet. Whatever ideas you explore, there are several choices to make. Depending on your strategy, you can choose from simpler accentuations like painting and decor investments, to more luxurious options like glamorous chandeliers and Under carpet heating. Heatwell Ltd. is a reputed Auckland-based company that offers a 10 year guarantee on their heating solutions. They offer a professional and friendly service, with excellent heating solutions and services for bedrooms, and other large areas in your home with quick installation options.

What are the best flooring options available when designing a bedroom:

When choosing the bedroom flooring, you have to keep in mind – the age of occupant, functionality of the room, climate, durability and lifestyle. Since it’s a room for gentler activities, it is best to keep comfort as a top priority. If you live in colder climates going for radiant heating solutions for the bedroom – like under tile heating – is a luxurious way to feel cosy at home. Here’s more on some of the best flooring options designed to match the comforts you have in mind.

  • Hardwood flooring: Hardwood is a type of flooring which has been used for ages. It gives a sense of warmth that never goes out of style. It feels organic and comfortable. Hence, it is an amazing option for a bedroom floor. It is easy to pair with most design elements required in a key living space, and doesn’t lead to clashes in decor style. Those with allergies find this to be an excellent option, as it is easy to clean. The maintenance cost is not so high either. It holds up for decades before you need to think of replacing it. The natural aesthetics and durability of this flooring option make it a good choice.
  • Carpet flooring: It is the preferred and most commonly used option. Carpet adds a touch of warmth to any room. It also gives you a luxurious feel, and is best suited for cold climates. They help to insulate the indoor environment. There are several varieties, designs, themes, colours and types to choose from. Since it cushions the effects of any fall, it is also preferred for senior citizens.
  • Bamboo flooring: Bamboo floors have become a great alternative to hardwood floors. They are made from renewable resources, and hence are environmentally friendly. Even though it is produced from a type of grass, it is durable and water resistant! They are lightweight, excellent in appearance, easy to install, perfect for asthmatics and allergy patients, durable and water resistant. They are, however, not suitable for damp and humid regions.
  • Stone flooring: Even though they are not a popular option for the bedrooms, they are still used in tropical or Mediterranean regions, as they surpass most other flooring options in terms of durability. It is ideal for hot climates and is also allergy-friendly. Stones like granite, marble, limestone are commonly used. They look elegant and beautiful. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to install. It is also cheaper to replace. It is very low in maintenance. Have you seen this type of flooring in your offices and homes?
  • Vinyl tiles: If you are looking for something chic, as well as within your budget, then this is a good choice. They last long, come in a variety of designs to choose from, easy to clean, easily replaceable when it’s time to further renovate. Have you noticed, they even make vinyl tiles that look exactly like hardwood flooring?

So, you know now about the top 5 flooring options available to update your bedroom floors. There are endless options to choose from. It’s not as tough as you think. Can you boldly make a choice of what you would like to see as your bedroom floor now?

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