When it comes to weight loss, nearly everyone has an opinion about what to eat, when to eat, when to exercise and so on. As a result, several myths have been circulated regarding weight loss and weight gain. It is time that you took a closer look at the same and leaned the truth about weight loss.

1. Carbs are fattening: This is a myth as your body craves carbohydrates for energy. The challenge lies in learning which the good carbs are and which ones are the bad ones that you need to avoid. For example, you can opt for a certain type of fruits which are rich in both carbohydrates as well as fiber and is quite good for your health. Just search online for nutritionist London weight loss, this should provide you with all the information you need on carbs.

2. Good exercise and diet can help with weight loss: This is the truth and is not a myth. By opting for a healthy diet coupled with lots of physical activity, you should be able to reduce your weight. You can consult a dietician in London, who can then provide you with additional notes on what to eat and how to exercise, in order to lose all that weight.

3. Exercise for long periods: This is a myth; irrespective of how long you exercise you still get to burn off those calories. The optimal method is to exercise in short bursts and this would help you lose all those extra pounds.

4. Skipping meals: This is not a good idea since skipping meals can affect your metabolism and cause it to slow down. You would end up feeling fatigued all the time and more importantly, your body may not be able to burn up the calories as efficiently as before.

5. Being a vegetarian can help you to lose weight: This myth’s been around for long; weight loss is not about what you eat or don’t eat but rather, how much you consume. You would gain weight even if you are a strict vegetarian. More importantly, if this myth were to be true then wouldn’t all the vegetarians be thin?

6. Meat is fattening: This is the other weight loss myth that got prominence along with the one regarding how being a vegetarian, aids in weight loss. Meat is not fatty, yes meat products do contain a certain amount of fat but they also contain essential proteins that your body requires. You just need to consume the right sort of meat dishes and opt for a balanced meal.

7. Exercise cannot help your body speed up your metabolism: This is an out and out fake myth; a good workout will cause your body’s metabolism to speed up and burn those calories faster. Moreover, it is also quite effective at helping to keep those stress levels down.

8. Drink lots of water for weight loss: Sorry, but that happens to be a myth as well. Drinking lots of water can keep you well hydrated and cause you to head over to the washroom often. But consuming lots of water is going to do diddly-squat as far as getting rid of the extra calories.

9. Weight lifting does not aid weight loss: Yes it does, if you are into lifting weights, then you should know that each time you lift weights, your body essentially burns more calories. So naturally, the more weights you lift, the more fit you would be.

10. Late night binging can make you fat: Late night binging does not make you fat but rather, it is a question of what you binge on. For example, if you consume a tub of high fat, creamy ice cream, then you can be sure that you are going to add more calories to your body. So, make a point of counting the calories in all the food you consume as it can help you to stay fit.

These are some of the prevalent weight loss myths and as you can see, most of these happen to be nothing more than mere myths.

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