Garage doors can get you into trouble if even a small part of it is malfunctioning. You also can’t leave your garage open and leave the issue unattended for long because animals or thieves can enter your garage. So you will need to call professionals to repair your door. Sometimes, you can do it yourself, if the issue is small. Here are 10 reasons why your garage door is stuck or not working.

1. Transmitter battery might be dead. 

Your garage door might be not working because the transmitter that sends a signal to open the door has a dead battery. The transmitter thus needs the power to send the signal. It also won’t transmit if there is something obstructing the signal. If the transmitter that is fitter on the wall inside your garage is working, then you just have to change the transmitter battery inside your car. Replace the batteries in the car transmitter and keep an extra set because your garage door transmitter battery also might need changing as they were installed around the same time. 

2. Photo-eye alignment is not proper

The photo-eye is component fitted on the door which transmits an invisible beam to check if anything is coming between while closing the door. This is to make it safer than older versions of automatic garage doors. Over time, this photo eye can get dusty which will reduce visibility. You should carefully clean it so that no scratches or change in alignment can occur to these eyes. 

3. The track alignment is wrong 

The track through which the door should pass to close and open, it is not proper, you have a problem. If you notice slight irregularities in this path, you should not ignore it. Call an expert immediately to fix this issue or it can be dangerous. If the alignment to be done is small, you yourself can do it by holding the track in the frame and loosening the screws.

4. Something is blocking the door getting closed

Garage doors are designed to roll back up if it detects something in its path. Even if it is a garbage can or a toy the door, when it detects it, will go back up. Sometimes mud or stones or even gum can be detected and the door rolls back up to not crush anything that comes underneath it.

5. Broken spring

A garage door is made of springs and other mechanical systems. If the spring is broken, the door won’t function. It needs a properly working garage door motors from Brisbane where high-quality motors are sold and springs for lifting purpose. This should be repaired immediately. 

6. Transmitters need to be repaired

You should come to the range of transmitter to hit the transmitter Button. Sometimes, if you are not in the range, it may not work. If you are in the range and it is still not working, you should check there is nothing blocking the antenna and your transmitter from the garage. If the door is opening and closing uncontrollably you might have to replace the whole unit. 

7. The disconnect switch was active

Sometimes, we leave the disconnect switch on which comes with the manual to operate it manually. This can also be a reason for the door not functioning properly.

8. Tension springs or cable is broken

Garage doors have tension springs to slowly and safely lower the door. If that is broken, it will come down fast and this can be dangerous. This roller door repairs in Brisbane should be done by a professional because it cannot be safe to work without any knowledge about how it is done. 

9. Manually locked door

If your door doesn’t open it might be because it was manually closed. This comes with an older version of garage doors for extra security. This can be easily unlocked by just turning the knob fitted on it until you hear a click sound.

10. Adjustments in door sensitivity are needed

Sensitivity adjustments should be done to newly installed or old garage doors. The instructions are available in the manual that comes with it. Reset the sensitivity. If it is set too high or too low, the door may not open.

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