The word test can’t be taken lightly! You can’t go unprepared for it. And it applies to all — be it a school test or a driving test. Are you thinking of buying a new car, or simply opting to learn the art of driving for future use? Well, we all know how pressurizing and worrying tests can be, and driving tests are no different. And the only way to reduce all of that pressure is to prepare well for the test. Efficient preparation helps to provide you the knowledge and confidence that’s required for you to pass the test. And what else is required are some essential tips that are going to come in handy when you take the practical DL test.

Well, once you fill the driving license application form, you will be given a date and time for the online learning test. And once you ace that, you will then need to take a practical driving license test, with a supervising officer seated with you in the car. It’s quite normal to feel a bit scared and nervous to take your driving license test, but it’s nothing that you can’t survive. You just need to have an idea of what’s all required before you enter the road exam. This is the most important and final stage of obtaining your driver’s license, and you need to make the most of it. Learning to drive is a quite great and necessary thing in today’s world. It makes you independent, and so you could definitely consider gifting a driving lesson gift voucher from Your Local Driving Academy to your loved ones. They are a Melbourne based driving school and well-known for creating roadworthy drivers. They have a team of highly experienced driving instructors and offer a variety of driving lesson packages, all at quite affordable prices.

Tips to help you pass your practical DL test

If you want to drive a car and go on your very first road trip, you need to first pass the driving test. The foremost online learning exams helps to screen out mostly poor drivers, but the latter practical test can sometimes get the better of even good drivers, due to lack of preparation or nerve wracking issues. So, okay, you are done with your lessons in a reputed driving school in Melbourne, aced the online learning test, and now worried sick over the practical driving test. Well, don’t be. Here are our top tips that will help you pass the test in the first round itself:

  • Familiar route: Well, it’s very important to familiarize with the driving test route. Days before you actually take the test, it’s advised that you drive around the area of the department of motor vehicle or the transport and roads service centre in your locality. You should be familiar with the roads, speed breakers, traffic lights, speed limits etc. in that area.
  • Know dashboard: Before you even start driving, your instructor will ask you to show him things like how to use the indicator, the windscreen wipers, the demisters, the hazard lights etc. So, you should thoroughly know where each of them are and how they work.
  • Changing lanes: It’s very important that you practice and know how to move from one lane to another, both during quiet and busy traffic times.
  • Reverse parking: This is one of the most difficult things for a new driver. You should practise reverse parking before the test on quiet roads having parallel parking. You should reverse park, pull it out, and keep doing it till you gain the skill and confidence.
  • Turn at intersections: Also, it’s very important that you know how to turn right and left at intersections. So make sure to do at least one left-hand and one right-hand turn each time you go out for a practise drive.

So, keeping these things in mind will help to make your driving test a bit less daunting. You need to stay calm and focused as most drivers fail this test due to trivial reasons. Once you ace the written test, it’s time to buckle in, hit the streets, practice your heart out and wrap up the practical test with your excellent driving skills. So, are you ready to hit the road?

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