Buying a new boiler for your home could be an expensive decision. But you cannot disregard the benefits of having a dependable and reliable boiler in your home. If the current setup has gone bad, then you have to consider buying a new one that would ensure both quality and efficiency.

There is a list of essential things that you have to consider before buying a new boiler.

But first of all, let’s see how a boiler works.-

A boiler essentially uses hot water to maintain the temperature in homes through radiators. The heating element warms the water and then distributes it through radiators at home. It can work on a variety of sources like propane, natural gas and could even run on electricity. An electric boiler system is the best you can use in the UK.

Now let’s look at things you need to ensure before buying a new boiler:

The type of boiler

There are mainly six main types of boiler system:

  1. Combination boiler- commonly known as combi-boiler it heats water as you need and eliminates the need for a storage tank.
  2. Heat-only boiler– This has a hot water tank or cylinder where hot water can be stored for later use. It’s practical to use this if you need a large volume of water every time.
  3. System boiler- This is best suited for a busy household where water is required to be stored for longer use. There are options of a pressurised water system, and you don’t need tanks for that.
  4. Water tube boilers- They come in different sizes and are the most expensive among all. The benefit is that they are capable of producing hot temperatures and a lot of steam.
  5. Firebox boilers- They are standard locomotive steam boilers, and the firebox is the point where all the heat is located. It produces hot gas that passes gets through the fire tubes to heat the liquid.
  6. Fire tube boilers– They are just the opposite of water tube boilers but lack the capacity to produce high steam pressure. They are more suitable for heating large industrial spaces and not very convenient for homes.

What type of boiler will suit your home and best for you will depend on your requirements. It’s best to consult a qualified heating surveyor who will recommend a suitable boiler for your home. Lets see the other things that you need to see before buying a boiler system:


For many, price is an important factor that dictates their choices. It is important to be clear on your budget and stick to it. However, do not fall into the trap of cheap boilers as it is never a good idea. Cheap boilers are not always the best. Go for a moderately priced one that serves the purpose and utility.


Before buying a boiler make sure to check its annual fuel utilisation efficiency. It can really help to keep down your costs each winter. The most energy efficient ones are those that earn a star rating certification. A high-efficiency boiler may be a little costly but remember that it is going to save you a lot of money in future. With the rising energy costs, it is best to go with a higher energy star rating for maximum savings.


In order to ensure peak performance of your boiler, you have to take care of its routine maintenance. Standard maintenance will involve a comprehensive review of the parts including the electrical connections. Also, some of the parts will require periodic cleaning over time and usage. Some do-it-yourself instructions may guide you towards self-cleaning of the boiler. However, it is advised to get it serviced and maintained by a professional. Boiler maintenance specialists like unique plumbing supplies will take care of your boiler related needs.


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