Owning a ”dream home” is in everybody’s wish list. It starts to seem that nothing can be better than it. But the truth is many things can be. Like adding the best amenities to your dream home or coming home to all the pleasures and comforts of the world.

So if you are thinking how to be more innovative with your dream space, we are here to help you out. We have enlisted some enthralling stuff that will add to the liveliness of your dream house.

Outdoor fire pits or fireplace: This may sound a little absurd or totally unnecessary but outdoor fireplace is somewhat entertaining and adventurous. It can also work as a substitute for gas grill during evening parties or family get-togethers. They will add to the ambiance of your home.

Hidden room: A hidden room behind a bookcase is a childhood fantasy of every person. So why not turn it into a reality now? You can use it as a store room or have an emergency exit built for emergency. Or it can also be your kids secret study place. Your fireplace can also give you a sufficient hidden area. This can normally be used as a playroom for your children. So go ahead and bring your fantasies to life.

Storage staircase: This is something new that has joined the trend. We all know that mini rooms or storage spaces under the staircase is a good utilization of space. But why not bring some changes to this? Build storage drawers for your shoes or house keys or some other minor commodities of the house. This saves space and proves to be useful.

Rotating windows: They not only add to the glory of your house but also give it a different look. Windows are the connection to the outside world. So stylish windows will change your outlook for the world.

Fridge pantry combo: Nowadays many companies as Samsung, Philips and many more have launched refrigerators with pantry. The best part about this combo is that it provides you an immense storage in a limited space. And not to forget this is an absolutely modern concept. Hence, this is a must have amenity in your dream house.

Aquarium bed: If you are a pet or environment lover, an aquarium bed might just be the thing for you. But if you think why do you need an aquarium so close to yourself, then here’s the reason why? Keeping fish as pet has many health benefits. Some benefits are:

Reduction in stress levels
Improving heart rate and blood pressure
Improved sleep quality
Decrease in anxiety
Soothing pain
Improved productivity

So infatuated to fish? Give it a thought to keep an aquarium in your living room. Plan your bedroom such that it becomes your favourite room in the house.

Home theatre: This is something your dream home shouldn’t miss. Rejoice the feeling of sinking into the bed on a late Saturday night as you watch your favorite movie with your loved ones.

Oversized mirrors: These big mirrors will give you a greater view of yourself. But on a brighter perspective, they add to the luxury of your house. Do not hesitate to place these mirrors in small spaced areas. They suit well everywhere.

Artwork: Fill in your walls with framed artwork that synchronizes with your furniture. This gives an element of unity to your rooms. Artwork in your home depicts a sense of freedom. If you can have a special gallery wall, then you will be adding to your house’s beauty in a unique style.
If you’re not much into art, you can always use your family photos to create a memory wall.

Your dream home is something that you aspire for lifelong. So once you get the opportunity to have one, make the best out of it

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