There’s a funny disconnect that often happens when people set about promoting their business: they employ all the same advertising techniques that annoy the heck out of them in their own lives. While advertising is an effective tool, it can come across as intrusive, obnoxious, and sometimes even offensive. If a campaign misses the mark, the best you can hope for is that potential customers will simply tune out. If you’re unlucky, they may harbor a negative attitude towards your brand. 

While advertising can be a difficult minefield to navigate, there are safer and more reliable ways to boost your public image. Of all the methods available, getting involved in charitable work is arguably the most impactful. Read on to discover why: 

1. You Create a Lasting Positive Impression

Getting involved in the community automatically creates a good impression of your business in the minds of all those who notice. You can capitalise on the positive exposure by giving away top-quality promotional gifts at any events that your organization sponsors. While you’re spending extra money in the short term, a branded product serves the dual purpose of being a useful and beautiful addition to someone’s life while also creating an ever-present reminder of the business they received it from. This is the kind of positive experience no amount of social media advertising or content marketing could ever hope to achieve.  

2. Customers Do the Advertising For You

Building from the first point, a customer who has such a warm and fuzzy impression of your business will be more likely to recommend you the next time a friend or family member is in need of the products or services you offer. Take a moment to think about what you would have more faith in: a glowing recommendation from a friend you trust, or an advertisement that’s popped up on your Facebook feed? Most people would clearly go for the former. In fact, a recent survey found that 74% of people are actually angered by social media ads (though, funnily enough, that doesn’t mean they’re not effective). 

3. Being Charitable Boosts Employee Morale

Employees who know they are aligned with a business that is having a constructive impact on the community, tend to bring a more positive attitude to the workplace. A 2016 Deloitte study found that young employees were “twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as very positive” if their firm was active in helping the community. You will benefit from a happier work environment full of employees who are emotionally invested in your business. Keep in mind, this point holds true for sole traders too: your morale can’t help but be boosted when you know you’re doing good in the world. 

4. Charitable Work is Tax-Deductible

Of course, you don’t want to get involved in community work purely with financial gain in mind. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the fact that there are rewards to be garnered from helping those in need. Your business should be able to claim tax deductions from sponsoring charities and contributing to community events. However, there are certain rules and obligations involved, so be sure to familiarize yourself with these to ensure you’re complying with all the tax requirements.

The world of advertising can be a tricky one to navigate, with seemingly flawless campaigns sometimes backfiring on you by frustrating customers. Genuine charitable work, by contrast, can’t help but impress; and it comes with a host of bonus benefits. All you need to do now is find some positive community work that matches the personality of your business. Happy hunting!

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