Team building activities and exercises are a great way to get the team to work better together and hence, increase the work productivity of the entire team. Team building activities are conducted to get the team members to know each other better, improve team bonding and make all members of the team comfortable with each other. As a team leader, if you have certain goals and aims for your team, you need to get your team to work together towards that common goal. The only way that a team can work well together as if they are comfortable with each other and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Team building activities help with this, but there are many mistakes that team leaders can make while conducting team building exercises and activities.

Here are some of the common mistakes that many managers and leaders make during team building and why you must avoid them.

1. Not Getting The Leaders and Boss Involved in The Team Building

Quite often it happens that the team leaders and the top boss of the team aren’t included in the team building activity. This is a big disaster because it gives a negative impression to the employees involved in the team building. It conveys the message that team building is not meant for the bosses and they have better things to do. If you want your team to work better together with a positive outlook, all the team leaders and bosses should definitely be involved in the process. All members of the team will take the team building seriously only if everyone, senior or junior, is involved.

2. Conducting Team Building Exercises on Personal Time

Any team building activity or exercise should be scheduled during working hours so that it is considered a part of the work culture and doesn’t take up an employee’s personal time. If you schedule a team building activity during personal time, it can backfire and have a negative impact on the employees. They will not take away much from the activity and may even opt out of it to fulfill the commitments they may have made for their after office hours. Also, if the aim of conducting a team building activity or exercise is to improve work productivity and performance, it’s always better to have it during office hours.

3. Conducting Away Days Without Asking

Always remember that employees have a personal life and commitments too. Their life is not all about work, nor should it be. If you plan to organize any corporate away days or team building trips out of the city or even a day trip, always inform your team members in advance. This is to ensure that the team members can clear their schedule and not have any prior commitments on the day or days of the team building trip. It’s important to have all the team members present for the team building. So always take the team’s say into consideration when planning any kind of team activity.

4. Small Meeting Room For Team Building Exercises

If you think that you will be able to conduct a fufull-fledgedeam building exercise in a small meeting room, you’re wrong. The entire purpose of different team building activities will be defeated if there’s not a proper place for the team members to move around and do things. Different activities have different requirements. For example, a treasure hunt will need a large space with lots of objects or a sports activity to increase team work among the members, will require a large ground. So make sure that there is enough space for movement and activity of team members. If you’re going to do team building, then it’s better to do it right and comfortably.


There are many factors which will determine how successful a team building activity has been. Different team building activities have different effects on team members. It’s important to choose an activity which will fulfill the expectations that you have from your team members. Always remember to have a goal in mind when conducting any kind of team building and ensure that you fulfill that goal by the end of the activity.  

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