So, your car breaks down often? If that sounds familiar, then you need to read the rest of the article. One question that most car owners ponder about is whether they should sell their old car and get a new one or get their old car repaired and refurbished. And unfortunately there is no easy answer, as it depends on you, the driver and your preferences for the same. And that’s why you need to weigh in the options, take a closer look at both and then make an informed decision. It’s time that you took a closer look at both options and see which suits you better.

  • Assess: The first thing that you need to do is to get a professional to assess your car and to prepare the repair bill on the basis of the different parts that might need a replacement. If you have been maintaining your car quite well, then the repairs would be minimal at best, but you should know that for every 100,000 miles or so, you would be required to replace the water pump among other items in your car. So make sure that you get your car properly assessed, so you can decide what to do next. You can also Google free car removal in Auckland as that should get you a few repair shops who can help remove your car and even get the same fixed up with ease.
  • Repairing the old car: One of the best arguments for repairing your old car rather than going in for a new one is the cost. Obviously, it costs more to go in for a new car, which is why you may want to go with a reputable auto dealership, and get your old car thoroughly assessed and repaired, so that you can start using it again. For example, a blown transmission line can set you back by $7000 but when it comes to a new car, that amount can only be used as a down payment for the same.
  • Buying the new car: Granted that you could repair the old car but if the repair list is way too long, you may be better off selling the old car at the best possible place and price and then using the funds to opt for a new car. For starters, you would not have to worry about your new car breaking down, since it would come with the required warranty as well as coverage as well. You can search online for sell my old car for cash , check out a few reputable and local vendors and learn how to sell your old car for some cash by reviewing the services each of dealers give. Now, use the money as down payment for the new car and that should do the trick.
  • When to go in for a new car: If your car keeps breaking down too often, then it is time that you may want to go in for a new car. If the repairs are getting too frequent, then it is apparent that you need a new car. And that’s why you should search online for reputable vendors and sell your old car for cash and use the money to fund your new purchase.
  • Extend the lifeline: You could also extend the lifeline of your car by taking better care of the same. That usually translates to more frequent visits to the local auto dealership/ repair shop and getting your car serviced as often as you possibly can. This should help extend the lifeline of your car and ensure that it continues to function as seamlessly as before.

These are some of the tips that you would need to consider when you are deciding between repairing your old car and getting a new one. Granted that the decision is not an easy one to take but that being said, these tips should enable you to make the right call. Just remember that most of the dealerships, repair shops often end up quoting the top price that they want to look forward to. So, do negotiate with the dealership on a fair and reasonable price.

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