We all love our phones and just can’t stay away from them. Whichever mobile company or brand we may be using, it’s our lifeline (and also our friends which always accompany us in thick and thin!). We are also totally dependent on these gadgets for our each and every work and task. From booking tickets to listening to some good music, from checking the weather to watching our favourite movies, it’s just everything via our mobile phones. Being our multipurpose task worker, this is one thing that should always be in a good condition. A little damage to our gadgets, and oops! there we become all stressed and hyper!

Mobiles are that much important! If these mobile phones get damaged or even if their screens get cracked, we immediately run to the nearest phone screen repair stores. We just don’t want our screens to bear even the slightest of scratches at any cost. But what if we can’t manage to buy a new phone even though it’s damaged to some extent? That’s when we try all those hacks to beautify our older phones look like a new one. Read on to know more!  

Repair and Maintain your device well with the right kinds of precautions

Before beautifying, we need to repair and maintain our phones well. This is essential — if there’s something wrong in the inner part of the phone, even if the exterior looks new, the phone may not be any use to us. So, even if you think it’s going to make a hole in your pockets, repair it. From screens to the battery, check it all thoroughly. You can even try the phone screen repair in Auckland by iRepair, which offers excellent expert services in repairing all kinds of mobile phones at the best rates.  They ensure quality results in their field. They also provide with authentic and high-quality phone parts from all companies with a good span of warranty service too. So, first start checking the kind of illness your old mobile has, and start getting it diagnosed instantly. Once it is in working condition, plan to beautify it. Here’s how!

Get the screen covered

The screen damage is the biggest damage that can happen to your phones. Hence, after you repair your iPads or are done with your Samsung screen repair in Auckland or wherever possible, the first thing you should be doing is covering it with a brand-new gorilla glass screen protector to avoid any further mishap to it. This will help your phone screen look newer and also avoid the chances of the display getting damaged further, or other serious things to happen to your phone’s screen.

Choose an attractive back cover

A back cover usually is the reason for the major transformation of your mobile. It serves as the cosmetologist that gives your old phone the facelift required to make it look brand new. You can even opt for the mock covers – like, for a Samsung phone you can put on a cover that has an Apple logo printed on it, and vice versa. Other than that, you may opt for any other themed covers – from Disney to Devilish – choices are umpteen. These cover not only personalise your phone, but also definitely gives your mobile phones a better and glamorous look.

Clear cache and factory reset

When the physical therapy is done well on your smartphones and iPads, let’s get gong to the inner side to make it feel like a new one. For this, first of all, store all your important data in your pen drive and jot down all the essential passwords you have in your mobile. Secondly, make a list of the important applications that you had installed, and transfer your contacts to your mail IDs. Then clear the cache from the browser and opt for factory restart before rebooting the whole gadget. Now, when all the junk files are down the bin, and the phone is rebooted, it’s good to go just like a brand-new device. It would be all smoother and better to use and you can once again load your important data in your mobiles, but with a better experience now.

See! Isn’t it easy to get your old phones become new with just a few intelligent and tactical choices made right?!

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