Planning an event needs proper research about the venue, communication with the restaurant6 things to look for when picking a restaurant for your special event, their rating, quality of food and many other determinants that need to be looked into. Satisfaction is key. In order to throw a perfect party for your loved ones, you will need support as well as good food, booking to be done on the exact day you want and other services that you can get from the restaurant. 

The type of event is always crucial in cases like a rehearsal dinner or a small get-together as they need a lot of planning for its smooth execution. Here are some ways with which you can pick the restaurant for the special event you were planning for months. 

1. The Ambience of the Restaurant

You can look up pictures of the place you are planning to conduct the event by searching for private function venues in Auckland. This will help you to decide whether or not to choose this place. The ambience of the place is one major thing while planning an event. If you like the place, it is good to visit the place on the same day of the week when you are planning to host the event and check the usual traffic and crowd at the restaurant at that time. You can talk to the manager and fix the date if you like the place and thinks it is appropriate for the special event. 

2. Your Budget

Your budget is the main constraint when it comes to fixing the place. Contact the restaurant or go by yourself and talk with the in-charge about the cost of hosting a three to four hours event. If the restaurant matches our budget we can go ahead with the idea. This includes knowing the information about how much it is per person for a bottomless brunch in Auckland and at what day they have not been booked so that we can fix the date. 

3. Flexibility of Time

This is important because an event does not just get over within the stipulated time we agreed upon with the restaurant manager. They always go for an extra two hours or so depending on factors like how early the guests will arrive. You can’t just limit it to some couple of hours. Also some 2 days before the function, you might have to personally be present in the restaurant in order to make the arrangements as you want it to be. This also needs flexible hours from the restaurant side. 

4. Kid-Friendly

If the function involves kids, you should check with the restaurant if they have anything that they do to keep kids organized. This way no elder gets disturbed during the function. This can either be arranged by us or by the restaurant. Live entertainment or an ice cream stall can do the trick. Each and every member, irrespective of their age, need to be enjoying the function. So pick a place which can handle small kids by arranging something that can grab their attention. Some stall or an area to keep them engaged will do. 

5. Parking in the Venue

A very important part of fixing a venue is to check whether the venue has enough space to park everyone’s vehicle in the restaurant parking facility. It can get difficult if all the guests show up on their own cars and there is no place to park. This cannot happen. Therefore, make sure the number of guests and the parking spaces is taken care of and talked with the restaurant to avail valet parking if needed. 

6. Accessibility for those with Special Needs

It will be good to consider a place where people with special needs can also attend like an elevator, wheelchair friendly escalators and special wash for kids and old people. No one should feel uncomfortable in a party that you are hosting. This way you can have a perfect time with your friends, family or colleagues without any hustle. 

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