4 Reasons Eastern Europe is the perfect destination for a budget stag do

Your best friend’s wedding is around the corner, and you have been given the responsibility to organise his 
stag party? Long gone are the days when crashing in some local bar and getting sloshed were the only ways to have fun at a stag party. Stag parties are no longer a single night affair but have transformed into a whole new adventure of exploring new destinations with your best buddies.

You can easily spend your nights partying away in a different city without making a hole in your pocket. Eastern Europe is best suited for such stag weekends where a pint of beer is probably cheaper than your morning coffee. You will surely have many tales to tell after your European adventure and that too, without making your wallet weep.

There are plenty of reasons to choose your stag weekend destination in eastern Europe and have the time of your life. Let us see a few of them.

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Budget-friendly destinations

Not everyone has the resources to throw a lavish stag weekend abroad in the most exotic locations. Eastern Europe has a long list of destinations that are perfect for your tight budgeted stag party but will let you fulfill all your desires. For instance, a pint of beer costs less than 1 Euro in Budapest! Similarly, in Riga, you can drink yourself unconscious for just 15 Euros, which is less than the price you’d have to pay for a round of pints back home. With relaxed licensing laws, Eastern European bars are open until the wee hours, which brings us to our next point.

The fabulous nightlife

Eastern European locations like Prague, Budapest, Berlin are one of those cities whose nightlife is nothing less than legendary in any sense. Budapest specialises in its ruin bars whereas Krakow is unbeaten in the long list of bars present in the city. As already mentioned, you can get amazing European beer at unbelievably cheap prices. However, it doesn’t just stop there. Eastern European cities like Prague have a number of budget eating options available. If you’re in the town, we strongly recommend trying out the burgers at Sad Man’s Tongue Bar And Bistro.

The endless day activities

Not only this, these cities, with their enriched historical past, have many beautiful historical sites to visit and be awestruck. These cities are renowned for having various activities especially for the boys like you who have come here to have the craziest weekend of their lives. You name the adventure, and you will have it in these cities. From trying out a Kalashnikov rifle in Prague and enjoying some banger racing, first hand, in Budapest to blowing things up with a real life tank, anything is possible in Eastern Europe.


With an increasing number of low fare airlines connecting eastern Europe to every other part of the continent, it has become exceedingly comfortable to reach out to these beautiful destinations without having to expend huge chunks of money on airline tickets.

Another useful and common tip to save more is that you must make all the reservations well in advance. Ideally, six weeks before you plan to travel. Additionally, many Eastern European cities, like Riga, are super-compact, so you would not have to shell out unreasonable amounts of money in getting around the city. For other cities like Prague and Budapest, use their efficient public transport system of trams, buses, and trains to get around.


Eastern Europe has had a diverse history, and just because of that these cities will give you a plethora of sightseeing destinations that will leave you in awe of the city. Without spending a fortune, you will get the best stag weekend. Planning? We are there. You only have to enjoy.

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