Getting ready to welcome a new member into the family? Well, your car of course! It is a big decision; but have you started picking out the car already? You have many decisions to take, and, then only you can find the car of your dreams! Have you considered talking to an importer for your car? They have a wide variety of cars, and, you shall definitely find the car that suits your needs perfectly.

You have the option to import the car from another European country or find the Japanese import cars for sale in UK. The European import is known as Parallel imports, while the Japanese or non-EU ones are known as Grey imports!

What Is the Difference between Parallel Imports and Grey Imports?

Purchasing imported cars has its fair share of perks, so it is obvious that you would want your hands on an imported car! But, the question that arises is whether you invest in the parallel or grey imports! Let us help you understand, what each has to offer.

  1. Parallel Imports: These cars have either been imported from other European countries or from within other parts of the country. This became popular in the 1990s, because the price of many cars is higher in the UK in comparison to other European countries, hence parallel imports grew popular. Obviously it did, why would anyone pay more, when you could get the car at a lower price? The price gap has reduced over the years, but some still prefer parallel imports compared to buying the car from the UK.
  2. Grey Imports: This kind of import is from non-EU countries! The most popular country under this category, from which the cars are imported, is Japan. This is because the cost of importing the cars is the least in comparison to other non-EU countries. There are many used car dealers in Birmingham, who invest in promoting grey imports. Some of the imported cars bare resemblance to the UK made cars, while the others are unique to Japanese build.

Which one is better: Parallel Imports or Grey Imports?

Between the two kinds of import, parallel import is slowly losing ground, due to the simple fact that the price gap has diminished. But, grey import continues to hold its strong ground. The reasons behind this are the following:

  1. You get a car that has higher specifications than the UK made version.
  2. A car that is uniquely found in Japan can be yours.
  3. Why wait on a long waitlist in UK, when you can get it imported from Japan? All you need is a reputed importer. Get the car before your friends and see the smoke rise, not from the car (God forbid), but from your friends, the smoke of jealousy!
  4. The UK equivalent might cost you a huge amount of money compared to the Japanese version. So, the Japanese version is obviously more cost-effective.

All of these reasons make a Japan imported car, a better and smarter option for you. Whether you buy a new one or a used car, you will love it.

If, you have any doubts, then dispel them immediately. Here are some concerns that many have for grey import. They are:

  1. Will the car need any adjustments to meet the standards in the UK?
  2. Will the car be from a reliable source and in good shape?
  3. If, it is a used car, then will it have any previous UK owners?
  4. Is there any warranty on the mileage?
  5. Will the cost of car be affordable?

Now, all the queries and concerns are dispelled, if you have employed the services of a reliable car importing company. They always strive to bring to you the best cars in great condition with mileage warranty at an affordable cost. This is also true for used Japanese car companies. They believe in grey import and have a reputation to uphold! So, you can be sure that you will get the car of your dreams with grey import!

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