There is a growing demand for online dating sites and many have sprouted on the internet targeting different niches. It is common for a woman to be terrified of meeting a man she has been talking with through online. They are big concerned about safety. What if he is a member of the international drug pusher? You may just be a nice guy looking for a good girl for you.

You must not take things for granted and only hope for the best. It is not an easy thing to find out all about the woman but you have no other choice. If you wish, you should adjust your actions and reactions to suit her temperament.

After a while, you may be privileged to ask her opinion on mistakes guys make when dating online. Do not interrupt her conversation because then you will do a big disservice to your self.

Listen to her carefully and you will be able to gather enough information that you may want to make your encounter with her a pleasant experience. You must take care not to repeat the mistakes that made her feel uncomfortable on her previous online date.

You can know a lot about the strange lady from the answer she gives to this question. If she acts the role of superwoman who does not commit mistakes, you might as well move on to the next prospect. If she takes all the blame herself then there is some fishy game she is trying to play. She might also say the relationship was not right for either of them. If you sense she is sincere with you, you might as well proceed with the relationship.

Knowing what you are dealing with will give you a better edge and boost your confidence when you meet the lady for the first time. If you are pushy and hasty, you will drive the woman far beyond your reach. When you are online with a woman, keep your conversation light and full of fun. You must again exercise great patience and tact before asking the woman to met you face-to-face.

A solid foundation to a good lasting relationship is built on honesty and not on deceit. There is nothing to gain by lying about your appearance or job.

The woman might think you are a duplicate of the Hunchback of Notre Dame or some weird alien from outer space. Send full bodied shots and not just head shots. Show yourself from different and various angles that will give her an excellent idea of how you look like live in front of her in the face-to-face encounter.

Once you have successfully negotiated a meeting face-to-face you must make her feel comfortable; suggest that she meets you at a public place during daylight hours and that she brings along a friend with her. When suggesting a place make it sound safe and comfortable; suggesting that you meet at a hotel suite is definitely out of order. In the final analysis, whatever you do or suggest must all culminate in her feeling of safety


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