Saying goodbye to any place is never a cakewalk for anyone, be it in your professional or personal life. As you have built lots of bittersweet memories, its roller coaster feeling inside you is going to make your goodbyes tough.

So, to make this easy when you move to a new place take a bag full of memories that might give you peace in your mind.

Goodbye Tips

Role Camera Action

Before wrapping and packing up your stuff for your new place start capturing the memories by taking end number of pictures of your old place, make a slam book and name each picture. Later you can use these pictures to decorate your new place as a remembrance.

A picture helps to keep your memories always fresh, which is bound to get a smile on your face each time you revisit them. Get clicked with each person who made your past few years more beautiful, and knowingly or unknowingly has helped to be better a person.

Taking pictures is an easy and fun way to keep your inner emotion in control because you might not like a third person to come in your life to console you, so you have to play the vital role by having control over your emotions.

These pictures will only help you to build new memories in your new place.

Revisit (last taste)

Don’t forget to visit your favorite places like a favorite coffee shop where you have spent hours chatting with your best friend, midnight ice cream parlor after a long drive with your close people, the best restaurant where you cherished the mouthwatering dishes. Remember to visit the place where you used to spend the maximum time when you used to be disturbed.
Ensure to visit each of these places and say a mental goodbye to the old days and memories as it will relax your mind and slow down your racing heartbeat. And it will undoubtedly give you the strength to move on.

Gather your memories

How is the idea of carrying something from the old place, most preferably something that you cherish the most, to your present location? For example, you can take the flower pot from your old home to a new home, or your favorite board clips which you used to use in your office desk. The piece of collection from your old place will slow your inner hustle bustle and will help to settle down in your new place.

These small items will help you to feel at home in the new place by infusing the warmth of the old place.

Treat others and yourself (Farewell)

By now you might have started with your packing, but trust us it’s ok, it won’t really matter to your guests, so don’t hesitate to invite over your friends for the last gathering. Have fun, relax, and party all night with yummy food, soft music and few last minutes promises to be in your touch with everyone. Say your final goodbye to each as for sure each one has played some role or the other in your life.

You can choose another adventurous trip with your group to capture some trekking or water riding moments. Or you can spend some time at a restaurant listening to and laughing over the meaningless jokes of your friends.

Share, share and share

Share your feelings, share a few last words, share mementos- it will be a small effort to be in the hearts of the people you are living behind.
When you leave a place, you fear that the place and people will forget you soon. But, when you make the last minute mark in your old friends’ and colleagues’ mind, the solace in your heart makes it easy to settle down in the new place.

Saying goodbye it’s not easy as ripping a Band-Aid on your injury! Being humans, we all have an umpteen number of emotions which goes within our heart. Let all the good and bad memories function as goodness in your life.

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