When you throw a party, you want to make sure all your guests are preoccupied and entertained. The true meaning of being a host is to serve all the needs of your guests and make them feel comfortable. You wouldn’t want to see the guests getting bored at your own party! If you are truly driven to throw some amazing parties every year, then you would want your guests to wait for it keenly and not just turn up for the namesake.

Engaging in small talks and keeping little games to entertain everyone is fine, but nothing is more fun than making arrangements for a Photobooth. Photo booth became an instant hit as soon as this concept entered the market. You need to keep in mind that not every guest will be a social diva and would love the limelight of the dance floor or the game booth. In order to keep them busy, you can go for Birmingham photo booth hire. Funky Pictures in UK is one of the leading photo booth hire company. Their photo booths and magic mirrors are of a different league altogether and promise to provide you with the best experience.

Benefits of hiring magic mirror photo booth

There is no doubt regarding the fact that photo booths are super fun. Some really wonderful memories can be captured here that can be treasured forever. However with the advancement of technologies, the traditional photo booths can be replaced by the magic mirror photo booth hire. These booths essentially consist of a full length mirror which is touch-sensitive. This mirror comes to life and captures amazing pictures of the person standing in front of it, just like magic! Here are a few benefits of hiring magic mirror photo booth:

  • Fun: The magic mirror is nothing but sheer fun! If you want to add that fun and quirky element to your party, then this point should be more than enough. Who would not want to access a life size mirror that seems to have come right out of a fairy tale! Just like your mobile phone or tab, these mirrors are touch sensitive and how cool is that! These mirrors have funny and colourful built in texts and filters which you can add on before the magic mirror begins its countdown for the final snap. Also, they are sensitive to noise, so you can clap your hands or say a keyword to make it click pictures. Magic mirrors are nothing less than enchanting, especially for kids.
  • Space: Unlike a traditional photo booth, magic mirror takes up a lot less space. A substantial amount of space has to be allotted to a photo booth — so if space is limited in the party venue, it might be a problem. On the other hand, magic mirror is just thin, vertically placed rectangular mirror, which can be set up in any corner of a room and will be good to go. It will hardly take up any space, and the rest of the space that would’ve been otherwise been taken up by a photo booth can be utilized for something else.
  • Accessibility: Magic mirrors can be accessed by anyone and everyone present at the party. As traditional photo booths are enclosed, they might be a bit of a problem for people in wheelchairs or little kids. This is obviously not a problem for magic mirrors as there is no enclosed booth. Moreover, a larger group of people can fit in front of the magic mirror than in the case of photo booths.

Magic mirrors are an absolute necessity for entertaining the guests at a party. Also, they take a load off your shoulder as you, as a host, won’t have to think how to entertain your guests and keep them busy.

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