Imagine being able to take care of life’s inconveniences with the touch of a button? While that might seem like a faraway reality in an alternate universe, it’s in the here and now. With your smartphone, you can now tell your washing machine to wash your clothes and your vacuum cleaner to take care of the mess on the floor. That’s merely the beginning. Read on to find out what other amazing smart home technologies could transform your life.

Security Systems

Traditionally, a lock and key were all that separated your property from a possible intruder. Thanks to bluetooth smart home security devices, those days are over. A smart home security system lets you lock and unlock doors from your phone, set pin codes, and provide convenience for Airbnb guests. There are many different options available that are far safer than the traditional lock and key entry.


Old speakers are cumbersome units with spaghetti cords that ruin the aesthetics of your home. Throw away that bulky old entertainment system and invest in sleek, wireless speakers that pack a punch. There is a myriad of different options that can turn your property into a party paradise in no time. You can even buy more than one, then sync them together with no wires!


Thomas Edison would be jumping for joy if he could see what people are doing with his invention, the lightbulb. Intuitive controls have joined forces with energy efficiency to create an incredible piece of home technology. Turn your lights on and off from your phone, set them on a schedule, or turn them on when you’re not home for security reasons. You can even link them to voice control products like Amazon Alexa to make turning your lights on and off more convenient than ever before.


If you thought the peephole in your door was advanced, then doorbells of today will change your thinking entirely. You can now buy smart home doorbells that recognize faces, have video and microphone functions, and guest announcement. You’ll always know who’s loitering around your door with this piece of technology.

Robot Vacuums

Around 11 percent of Americans hate vacuuming the most out of all other household chores. Thankfully, technology can make it easier. A robot vacuum cleaner can take care of the task for you, and you can even set it to operate from your smartphone when you’re not home. Come home to a clean house without having to lift a finger.


Home heating and cooling bills can be astronomical, but what if new technology could help? A smart thermostat is paving the way for more comfortable and affordable living. It automatically chooses the best temperature for comfort when you’re in the room, and changes it when you leave. You can also install it yourself and alter the temperature settings from your smartphone. Today’s smart thermostats even have voice controls. You can use the thermostat to find out the weather, hear the latest news, and set timers.

Once upon a time, the world was in awe about the prospect of color television. Now, you can control almost every home appliance from your smartphone. You can set your washing machine to wash clothing when you’re not home or turn the heating on so the house is cozy once you get back from work. You can lock and unlock doors with your phone, find out who’s at your front door, and have a robot clean up pet dander on your carpet. What will the technology Gods think of next?

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