Can you think of anything more nerve-wracking than meeting a stranger for the first time, that too, on a blind date? Dates are considered to be exciting and fun. You expect good conversation, sharing a meal, chatting away, a little flirting and relaxation. What if things don’t work out the way you expect it to? What do you do when you have really high expectations from a date and it turns out to be quite the opposite?

First things first! You’ve tried going on regular dates, and you are not finding someone who matches your interests. You are one of those women who work round the clock, and dating prospects appear grim. Your sister has been dating that cute professor for two years now, and they are going strong. Loneliness sets in by Christmas, and with growing expectations you start looking up popular dating sites in Sydney, Mirabela Executive Dating is one such service provider that has been designed to aid busy professionals like yourself, and reassures your match to a potential soul-mate. You will be provided with the security of knowing that your profile will be handled by a professional personal consultant, and it will be discreetly managed.

Clues on how to rescue yourself from a disastrous blind date

Blind dates are an altogether different ball game. You need to learn to swing it out before the ninth innings. For women seeking men in Sydney (or anywhere else in the world!), you could be the best lady out there, but getting your points all matched, is not an easy game. Yet, it is a strong game that can be played confidently. Blind dates can be completely awkward, and you need to accept that it will be so. You are not alone in experiencing mild anxiety, bordering on distress at times. He could be feeling lopsided too. So, how do you wiggle out of a really bad blind date? Let’s take a look at the following tips:

  • Health trouble: You can pretend that you suddenly feel a migraine coming on and excuse yourself to use the restroom. Go in there and wet your face with water and come out looking dishevelled. No date can hold you back when you say you are unwell. Or, you could fake a stomach cramp after eating something, and say you are allergic to something on your plate, and that you really need to go home immediately. This is the easiest way out of a disastrous blind date without hurting the other person’s feelings.
  • Cut it short: You can always put a blind date to an immediate halt — before it snowballs into impending doom – by letting your date know beforehand that you can only meet up for an hour or so, for coffee or to share a drink. That way, you are not bound to spending the entire evening with a person that you just cannot tolerate. So, when the time is up, you shake hands and leave. You get to control the situation.
  • Phone a friend: Ask your girlfriend to call you and pretend there is an emergency. The emergency can be cooked up on the go. You can use this as an easy excuse to get out of the meet-up. He cannot refuse and you just have to go! Make sure to pre-plan this and give her a signal to know when it’s time, so she does call you when you send her the signal (a missed call or a text message). Make it look real – like you got punched in the stomach and you have to run for your life! Don’t be too dramatic.
  • Honesty:   You meet him, and you immediately know that it’s not working out. You just know it in your gut. Even if you feel guilty about telling him, just say that it won’t work between you both, and that you do not want to waste each other’s time. So, ditch the guilt and be straight up. It’s better to speak honestly than to lead him on.

Try as much not to hurt each other and leave the situation comfortably. Be friendly and kind. These are the life-saving techniques to get out of a disastrous date, unscathed. Life is not like the fairy-tale that we read about in storybooks as children. Time you became practical, don’t you think?

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