you want to organise your garage and minimise health risks from stored materials, be sure to keep these 4 tips in mind. The garage is an important part of the house. It protects our cars and other important items against the elements. It even helps us finish a project once in a while. Thus, it’s important to keep it clean and organised with the help of these easy DIY tips. Otherwise, we face the unpleasant consequences of an unkempt garage.

Clean and maintain your garage regularly

Make it a habit to clean and maintain the furnishings in your garage as much as you maintain those inside your home to protect and preserve every vehicle, equipment, and other personal items which are stored in this space. Make sure that deadbolts are installed in the doors and check if the locks in your garage doors and windows are always working. Don’t forget to check the batteries of the smoke detector in your garage every 2 months. You can also install matting or rubber tiles in your garage floors to extend the life of your concrete floors.

Proper storage of chemicals

Keep hazardous materials out of reach from children. It’s common to store chemicals, pesticides, paints, and auto fluids in the garage, but not everyone knows how to store them properly. I once visited a cheap property for sale and discovered that the owner kept some of his cleaning fluids in old and exposed containers. This is a big no-no. Professionals recommend that hazardous substances should be kept in their original containers and must be placed on a high shelf or in a locked cabinet so that children won’t be able to access them. Children, unfortunately, aren’t the only ones in danger from these poisonous substances. Road salt and ice-melt mixtures can get on the paws of cats and dogs and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Anti-freeze, on the other hand, can cause instant death to cats and dogs when ingested. Hence, if you want to keep everyone and every pet in your house safe, better improve the storage of hazardous chemicals ASAP.

Gas and flammable materials

We learned from our fathers that gas grills should be stored inside the garage. Surprisingly, this is incorrect. Gas grills are usually stored together with their propane tanks and propane is highly combustible. In fact, one spark of static electricity or the flick of a light switch could cause propane gas to explode. To prevent fire from breaking out, it’s highly advised to store anything with propane 10 feet away from your house.


Ladders are a big help to everyday chores, that’s why it’s advisable to keep them in a spot where it’s easily accessible. However, you can’t just leave your ladder upright and leave it leaning against a wall, since it can tip over easily in this position. The proper way to store them is to lean it against the wall horizontally at floor level. Conversely, gardening tools are better kept or hanged in hooks attached to the wall. This storage technique makes them easy to access, but still secured when not in use. Remember these tips when you organise and clean your garage next time. If you want to learn more DIY tips, don’t be shy to browse through the archives! Enjoy reading!

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