So, you have your old gas guzzler, sitting still in the front yard, and you are not sure what to do next, right? If that’s the case, then you should definitely read the rest of the article as it clearly shows you how you could gain, from disposing your old car. And if you are not interested in disposing of your old car for cash, then you could spend some money, fix it and then give it to a charity organization. But let’s take a closer look at some of the options that you have, at the moment, shall we?

  • Eviscerate it: If you know your way around cars and your old gas guzzler is just sitting on the front yard and happens to be in a real bad shape, then it may be time to part it out. You can try taking it apart, and find out if there are any parts that are salvageable which you can sell to interested parties, for cash.  Do note, that you need to have the expertise in being able to handle this or you can get your mechanic to take it apart so that you can salvage what can be resold before junking the rest of the car.
  • Junk the car: If your car is in a really bad shape and you cannot part the same, then your best option would be to junk it. Just check online for car wreckers in Wellington and that should get you more than a few results, where you can sell your car for cash. The amount you receive for your car could vary from one company to the other – it could range from a few hundred USD to much more.
  • Sell it: If you can still drive your old clunker and it happens to be somewhat functional, then you could sell your car to companies that trade in used cars. Do remember that your car must be in working condition and at the least, you must be able to drive up to the place. And you should be able to sign the transfer documents, hand over the title and receive cash for your car in under an hr or less. It is that easy and is a hassle free process. Just Google Toyota wreckers in Wellington should give you a lot of results that you can use.
  • Consign it: You can also consign it to a third party, who would fix your car and sell it on your behalf, and then hand over your cash to you minus their charges for the same. Such companies are usually fair and charge a flat fee for their services. You can then pay them for their services, hand over your car and let them spruce it up before selling it to another party for cash on your behalf. But do remember that it is important that all your current documentation is in order.
  • Sell it privately: This is by far the best option; since you can always sell your car at what you think is a fair rate. You can check out the second hand and used car market, find out what similar models are priced at, and then get a mechanic to evaluate your car and provide you with estimation as regards the price. You can then list an ad on sites like craigslist, autotrader among others. You should soon receive a few inquiries and be able to sell off your car successfully. But do remember that your car must be functional and you need to spruce it up, before the actual sales.

These are some of the best options that you have, when it comes to disposing of the old clunker in the front yard. You can follow these tips and receive some cash for your efforts. You can then use the cash as part of the down payment for a brand new car, which comes with an affordable price tag.

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