Working on heights is extremely dangerous and if proper safety instructions are not followed it could result in fatal accidents. Thus, selecting the best roof anchor points should be main priority to protect from fall. Anchor point is a vital equipment for anyone who works on elevated surfaces, or sloping roofs. Whether you are personally working to clean your roof or you are an organization that deals in construction, cleaning, roof maintenance you must be aware of the roof anchor points, installation and their types.

The ABC of fall protection includes Anchor, Body and Connecting device of which Anchor points are vital equipment and integral part of personal fall protection system. The workers body is properly fastened up with ropes, straps or any other form of lanyard and then tied up with a roof anchor point to protect from fall. Thus, selection of roof anchor points depends upon the type of work, roof material, installation and height from the ground. 

Type of Roof Anchor Points

Temporary Roof Anchor Points: If you are going to the roof just to inspect whether it is clean or not or something that is blocking the roof water passage, then temporary roof anchor points are best. Temporary roof anchor points are portable and easy to install.

Permanent Roof Anchor Points: If the job requires continuous use of anchor points, then permanent roof anchor points must be used. They are useful in construction works, roof maintenance and regular window cleaning. Made up of different metals like stainless steel, iron these are permanently affixed to structure.

Reusable Anchor Points: While making decision for permanent anchor points make sure they are reusable. As you will be requiring them for various purposes it is necessary that they should be regularly checked and certified fit for use.

Factors To  Consider while Selecting Anchor Points 

Roof Material: Installation of roof anchor points depends upon the roof material. Anchor point designed for wooden roofs cannot be used for a concrete one. So, the material roof is constructed from will decide which anchor point is to use.

Fall Protection System: If the complete job is to be done on the roof then fall arrest system is best. These anchor points arrests the worker in mid air just metres away from lower level preventing impact.

Work To Be Done: When the job requires to ascend, descend, and traverse, then rope access system is suitable. The selection of anchor points must be done depending upon the force it can bear while doing the job.

Installing Roof Anchor Points

Always make sure that the anchor points meets the industry standards and are optimal to bear the load. You can reach out to professionals for installing roof anchor points. Consider experts from a recognised brand to carry out the job. 
Once installed, examine the anchor points and ensure all workers are trained on how to use anchor points, wear harness and operate fall arrest systems. These points will help you out to choose the best anchor points so that you can carry out the job safely. 

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