Tailored suits are like fine wine — they get better with age. Of course, that can happen only if you treat them well, from hanging them on men’s wooden suit hangers to utilizing dry cleaning services. Take even better care of your garments by following these tips:

Hang Your Suits Properly

Suits are meant to be hung, not folded; but don’t use just any hanger made of wire or plastic. Men’s wooden suit hangers are the best for the job because they’re strong enough to support the fabric’s weight, and their rounded edges maintain the suit’s shape. Cedar and beech wood are recommended because they absorb moisture and odor. To keep the dust and bugs away, put a canvas garment bag over your suits. Canvas provides better ventilation over other materials.

Give Them Room to Breathe

Your closet should be a cool, dry, and dark place with little exposure to sunlight. It should also be big enough so that your suits won’t end up creased. Fortunately, men’s wooden suit hangers tend to be thicker than hangers made of other materials, so they serve as natural dividers between garments once hung. However, this works only if you don’t cram your closet full. Ideally, you should have a closet dedicated to your suits alone, if the space allows it.

Air Them Out Periodically

Suits don’t have to be dry-cleaned after every use. In fact, it’s not advisable to do so. To make suits wearable several times between cleanings, air them out immediately after taking them off. If there’s dirt, remove it with a soft-bristled brush.

Next, put your suits on men’s wooden suit hangers, hang them up in an open area where there’s plenty of air, and leave them overnight. If they’re made of a heavy fabric like wool, leave them for two days. Most of the wrinkles should be gone by then.

Steam them When Wrinkled

Sometimes, your suits won’t always come out wrinkle-free in spite of careful draping. To make them look fresh again, steam away the wrinkles. A handheld steamer should do the trick. Another option you have is to release steam from your regular clothes iron into the material of your suits as they hang. Keep the heat setting on low to avoid damaging your suits.

Banish Bad Smells

In cases where airing out and steaming your suits aren’t enough to get rid of unpleasant odors like sweat or smoke, you can use good old reliable baking soda, which is great at absorbing odors without staining fabrics. Turn your suits inside out and rub baking soda over the armpit areas and other suspect sections. After a few minutes, shake off the powder, then hang your suits back on men’s wooden suit hangers for another stint of airing out. Because of the baking soda, your suits should no longer be smelling funky after this process.

Clean Only as Needed

As mentioned, suits don’t need to be cleaned after every use. But when exactly should they be cleaned? How often? If your suits are noticeably dirty and stubbornly smelly, it’s time to slip your suits off and bring them to the dry cleaner. Otherwise, get your rarely-worn suits cleaned once or twice a year. For suits you wear a few times a week, once a month should be fine. Dry cleaning chemicals can weaken the fibers of your suits, so don’t do it often.

Invest in Quality Suit Hangers

Tailored suits are expensive, but they’re worthwhile investments with an impact that can last for years — as long as you treat them right. Start by hanging them on no less than high-quality men’s wooden suit hangers from a trusted brand like Butler Luxury.

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