Dooming deadlines and demanding clients can quickly turn the workplace into a high pressure zone. Combining all those factors with hot desking can make working hot, and not in a good way.

Enhanced communication and improved professional relationships are some advantages of hot desking. This practice is not just limited to secure virtual office, even traditional offices are incorporating it.

If your organisation is taking the modern leap towards hot desking, we’ll help you make the most of it with our hot desking tips.

Narrow down the space

While you might not get to sit on the exact same desk everyday, you can at least narrow down the space that works well for you. Choose a desk in a spot where you feel comfortable and productive. And overtime your coworkers will acknowledge your space and avoid hogging it in your absence.

Temporary personalisation

Even though you can’t decorate your workspace, you can still place some personal items to feel comfortable. From potted plants to coffee mugs and family portraits, these small items can instantly make you feel relaxed.

Create privacy with music

An open-floor plan with no fixed workplace can be distracting. It’s an excellent idea to bring headphones that will help you block noises. These are the perfect way to remain focused in a busy environment.

Get talking

Improving communication among employees is one of the reasons why organisations are implementing hot desking. You can get in contact with different people and come across new opportunities.

Take breaks

The lack of privacy might lead to stress, so don’t forget to take breaks to rewire yourself. Taking a walk or some alone time will help you de-stress and feel refreshed.

Navigating hot desking will be a different experience for every individual. While some could adjust to it easily, others might require extra efforts. So stay patient and apply these tips to find your feet in the hot desking zone.

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