The festive season is around the corner, and you are all excited to put up the decoration to spread warmth and feel-good vibes around your home or office space. Most modern decorations require electricity, and there’s always a risk of an electrical hazard if you are using decorative lights and other electrical decorations mindlessly. While one mistake can ruin everything, not being careful enough gets you closer to making that mistake.

If you have recently moved into a new property, consider running an inspection by a commercial electrician in Cardiff or wherever you are based to make sure it is safe to plug in all kinds of lights in the sockets, at your home or office. Apart from that, here are a few tips for you to avoid any electrical issue while decorating your space.

1. Use separate sockets for your decorative lights

It’s tempting and even more comfortable to draw power from a single socket for your string lights, but it’s not advisable in a regular household. Unless your domestic electrical installation condition report permits, use separate sockets for your decorative lights. In general, it is advisable not to tinker with electrical connections, as it may invite unnecessary hassles.

2. Do not use damaged lights

One way to rule out electrical hazards is to replace the damaged lights from the last holiday season with new ones. Broken lights are notorious for sparking an electrical hazard out of nowhere. All it takes is just one spark to start a fire or electrocute anyone coming in contact. If you are in no mood to buy a new light string, inspect your old lights and cover the bare copper wire with insulated tape.

3. Keep your decorations away from the heat source

Heat is the worst enemy of electrical decorations. Store or install your electrical decorations away from the fireplace, heaters and other heat sources to keep the wire insulation from melting. You must keep in mind that fact that most electrical decorations do not come with heat-resistant wires; therefore, keeping them away from the heat source is really important.

4. Don’t put electrical decorations on a ‘dry’ Christmas tree

Keep your Christmas tree watered before draping string lights around it. In case your string lights generate a spark, dry leaves and twigs will be the first ones to catch fire. A fire outbreak is the last thing you want at your place on the Christmas even, don’t you?

5. Hire an electrician for major installations

If you are planning to decorate your home or commercial space to the hilt, hire a licensed electrician to install everything to the highest safety and quality standards.  Moreover, if you are yet to buy your electrical decorations, your local electrician can help you get the best deals on your purchase.

5. Do not panic

In case your decorative lights get short-circuited, reach out for the mains power switch and flick it off if the MCB doesn’t cut off automatically.

The festive season is the most beautiful time of the year, and it is also when most household accidents take place. Knowing the above points will help you ensure safety in and around your premises. It’s easy to lose track of kids and pets while you are too busy decorating your home. Make sure you have someone over to take care of kids and pets so that they do not go around pulling string-lights off the Christmas tree or get entangled in them.

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