Technology has completely transformed how a business is conducted. As most aspects are being digitized, why are you still holding on to an old whiteboard? 

Whiteboards are a staple in every meeting room. This inanimate object serves as a focal point for every meeting and presentation, which signifies its importance. This emphasizes why you shouldn’t hold back from updating and investing in this tool. 

Though the existence of online collaborative whiteboard is nothing new, it is becoming a necessary evolution for modern businesses. This versatile and interactive tool greatly benefits meetings and presentations and the overall business workflow, here’s how:

  • Encourages collaboration

A presentation doesn’t necessarily needs to be a 30-minute long monologue with little or no participation. Unlike a simple whiteboard with scribbled information or a PowerPoint presentation, a digital whiteboard online encourages engagement from other attendees. 

Everyone can access the interactive whiteboard and you can easily share and edit files, all in real time. It spikes additional discussion and allows instant feedback. Also, an online whiteboard supports different kinds of media including audio, video, images and more. 

  • Boosts communication

Conventional whiteboards are convenient for most, but what about remote attendees? You can bridge this communication gap with an online shared whiteboard. An online whiteboard gives the ability to share the screen with all the members, no matter where they are located. This makes it easy for everyone to follow along and remain on the same page. 

And after the meeting concludes, you can email, share or print all the notes, feedback and discussions. 

  • Enhances connectivity

Someone sitting at the far back probably can’t properly hear you, let alone read what’s been written on a whiteboard. An online collaborative whiteboard allows you to connect your smaller Android and iOS devices to it. As long as you have the right app installed, you can easily connect to the interactive whiteboard, control various aspects, upload and download files, edit documents and more. Therefore, an interactive board allows mobile connectivity and enhances interconnectivity.

  • Enables annotation

Highlighting and modifying information becomes difficult on a normal whiteboard. An online collaborative whiteboard enables you to make effective and endless modifications to the documents or presentations. 

You can use tools such as video links, hyperlinks, 3D models, estimates and other applications to conduct a more comprehensible meeting. 

  • Promotes learning

Everyone processes information at a different pace. An online shared whiteboard takes this into account. It not only gives each individual access to information, it also allows you to share the discussions and notes at the end of a meeting. As it includes a wide range of media, it helps everyone grasp information better and boosts retention. 

  • Touch technology

With an online collaborative whiteboard you don’t have to bother with markers, chalk, pointers or a mouse. Thanks to interactive whiteboards, anything you need is a touch away. Using touch and hand gestures significantly improves efficiency.

The bottom line is that it’s time to say goodbye to pungent markers and temperamental pointers. Make the most of your time and resources by upgrading to an online interactive whiteboard. 

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