A lot of things would not have been possible without machines. However, there are simple and complex machines both. Some machines are very heavy and are mostly used at construction sites. At the same time, this heavy lifting has increased chances of injuries as well. Many labours miss workdays because of severe shoulder and back pain. There needs to be a safe and easy method for the same.  

The workers have this problem because of overexertion which led to cumulative physical trauma on the body. Common movements like turning and twisting with those weights at the construction sites prove to be harmful to them.

Thus, there are certain safety measures that need to be taken. Also, a proper and strategic method should be carried out while using the hoisting equipment.

The hoisting equipment should be used with certain planning and responsibility. You can break the stages down in certain steps which include:

  •   Preparation and Planning
  •   Lifting the heavyweight
  •   Setting the equipment down.

Preparation and Planning

It is very important to plan the complete lift. Also, an inspection of the site is very necessary. Make sure to check if there are houses or warehouses around. Also, inspect the load and check the weight of it. At least get a probable idea of the same.

This will help you plan if you need extra help in the form of labour or truck. It is wise to check if the load can be broken into pieces and can be taken by the hoisting equipment in instalments. This will totally depend on the type of load you have to transfer.

Lifting the heavyweight

When the actual lifting is carried out, check the crane and other hoisting equipment properly. Make sure everything is in order. If the machine is old, make sure it is serviced properly.  

Setting the equipment down

Make sure that the load which the equipment is carrying is set down properly. Check the load setting area beforehand so that there are no obstructions or hurdles when the process is carried out.

This is a very general overview which can be used before carrying out the hoisting process. Apart from that, you can keep certain other things in your mind as well.

Create a training manual for your inspection:

Safety is the most important thing in any workplace and so, you can use a strategic method to increase the safety of your equipment. You should develop some written guidelines for your hoisting equipment and cranes. You should have special maintenance programs where you train every operator and ask him to follow a certain protocol.

Pre-plan your inspections:

If you want amazing and proper functionality of your machines, then it is wise to create pre-planned schedules of inspection. In this way, you can always get the maintenance done in advance if needed. A schedule will help you save time and you will be able to avoid the breakdown of your heavy equipment.  

Read the instructions:

This may sound very silly to you, but you need to have your operator read the manufacturer’s manual. This particular practice will help the operator understand the machine much better. Also, you will be able to add an extra level of protection at your warehouse.

Impose a lockout procedure:

This one is really important. This will increase the safety of the employees as they will have to cut the hoisting equipment from the energy source before any maintenance work begins. This step will help prevent any unexpected operation from stored energy.


Just by taking such simple steps, it is possible to increase the safety measures for heavy machines and hoisting equipment at your construction sites and warehouse both.

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