What keeps you warm in winters? Is it your favourite socks, that classic beanie cap or a hot cup of coffee (three times or more a day)? What about your blankets and quilts or your coats when you head out to face the cold? Sticking to the sheets for a moment, they not only keep you warm and cosy, but they surely add a vibe, texture and colour pop to your interior setting. If you choose well, such an element can alone revamp your room look, giving it a sophisticated, inviting and elegant addition. So, before you go shopping, here is a list of fur varieties which can help in making the right choice for you.

  • Coyote Fur

Chic feel and a beautiful pairing with every colour scheme is what defines coyote fur to a certain extent. This is a dense fur with an underfur layer which keeps you warm and cosy. From off-white and yellow-grey to greyish-brown the different highlight shades will add a glam touch to your room decor instantly. Coyote fur comes in the affordable fur category which is resilient and has gorgeous natural highlights too. No wonder, Coyote fur is a super popular choice.

  • Rabbit Fur

Next in line is the rabbit fur. Wonderfully soft and often compared to velvet, rabbit fur doesn’t leave a trace behind or shed on your furniture or beds which makes it a hit choice. It’s warm, lightweight and can be used to solve various purposes, fashion accessories being one of them. It is the cheapest alternative which makes it the apt choice for budget-friendly buyers.

  • Beaver Fur

Real fur blankets made from beaver fur have a lustrous sheen and are warm to help you sleep tight at night. Such a fur is naturally long haired which can be trimmed or dyed to match with your room’s decor scheme or your personality. If not, then the natural brown tones and stunning highlights are enough to attract eyes. Apart from blankets, beaver fur makes fabulous coats as well.

  • Fox Fur

One of the most famous names in the fur market, fox fur is luscious at a different level, and the quality of the fur is quite appealing. If you want to add a statement piece to your bedroom which is noticeable and adds an expensive touch to the whole decor, then fox fur blanket is the right pick. Coming with an underfur, fox fur is used to make eye-catching fashion pieces which look phenomenal. While it can be trimmed and dyed, a vast variety of natural tones are already available to your aid.

  • Sheepskin fur

Sheep fur has been used for centuries, and it continues to be a popular option. It is highly comfortable and one of the warmest fur available in the market. Sheepskin fur, when used for making blankets, regulates your body temperature and keeps you cosy all night long. Aside from blankets, Mongolian sheepskin rugs are a favourite pick for the coats too.

  • Lamb Fur

Moving on to the last name on our list, lamb fur has a unique texture and look as compared to other fur options. This is a heavy one which looks beautiful and unique because of it’s curly appearance. While lamb fur looks great as apparels, the quality it offers as a blanket is worth the price.

Going through all the six options and analysing it, did you take a pick already? Well, if not, then use this guide to carefully scrutinise and find the perfect fur keeping your needs in mind. Also, don’t forget to come back and mention your chosen fur in the comments.

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