If you are running a catering service, you know that food plating and appearance are dominant in keeping guests entertained as they experience your restaurant. However, plating is frequently overlooked by chefs who are either too occupied or more oriented with the taste of their dishes. People eat with their eyes, and ingenious and thoughtful plating improves both the look and taste of your food. Concentrating on presentation also allows chefs to display their creations and validate to guests that they are getting their money’s worth. While there are not any rigid rules when it comes to precise plating, there are several vital concepts to recall as you prepare and present your restaurant’s delicious food creations.

  • Choose the Right Plate

Selecting the right plate for your dish is crucial to an attractive food presentation. One way to abstract plating is to devise yourself as an artist, the plate as your opus, and the food as your moderate. Choose your plate astutely by making sure it is spacious enough to allow your food to show up but small enough that your portions don’t look too small. The color of your plate is also important. White plates are popular because they create high contrast and provide impartial background for your colorful creations. Exploit white space by thinking of the edge as your frame, and consider using the rule of thirds to highlight your plate’s principal point. When applied to cook, the rule of thirds recommends placing the pivotal point of your dish to either the left or right side of the plate, more willingly than the center.

  • Placing the Ingredients

As you start plating your ingredients, consider the face of a clock. From the customer’s point of view, your protein should be amid 3 and 9, the starch or sugar from 9 and 12, and the vegetable from 12 and 3. Another thumb rule is to serve moist or runny elements first, as they are susceptible to move during delivery if they are not held down by other foods. One way to hold runny ingredients is by placing other foods on top of them. For instance, you can approach sliced meat or vegetables against purees and squashed vegetables. Fundamentally, flavor bites are forkfuls of food that includes all of the ingredients in your dish into a single bite. Creating flavor bites is the perfect accessory to creative plating as it satisfies both the eye and the taste buds.

  • Observe Small Details

One of the preserved secrets to beautiful plating is paying close courtesy to the details. While your attention will obviously be on the protein, considering how the other elements of the plate produce color and contrast is also very important. Another means to catch your guests’ eyes is to use the power of height. While neatly stacking ingredients is not as popular as it was a decade ago, creating a tall plate can prove effective in enhancing visual appeal. You can create a beautiful background for your plate by adding green vegetables or radiantly colored fruits as inflection points. Similarly, try to a couple of ingredients with opposite colors as this will further beautify your dish’s visual appeal.

  • Creativity and Sauces

Once you’ve settled your main ingredients, you are ready for topping your dish with delicious sauces. Don’t just empty the sauce casually all over the plate, though. In its place, think of your squeeze bottle or spoon as a paintbrush, and your sauce as a color bottle. Then, use them to enrich your plate.

One way to do this is to craft accent dots on one side of your plate following the rule of thirds or by flippantly raining sauce over the main ingredients so guests get a little bit of sauce in every single bite.

  • Use Garnishes Decisively

Choose edible garnishing. As you conclude plating, remember that garnishes must be linked to the dish and should always be appetizing. Eventually, they are designed to augment and complement the flavors of the reception you have created, not sidetrack from them.

Whether you are running a fine dining chain, swank restaurant or a wide-ranging cafe, considerate and observant plating is sure to improve customers’ parodies of your business.

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