So you are soon going to move to a new place and are looking for reliable movers who also provide reasonable services. The hunt for a trustworthy mover could be really daunting and so we have put together few tips that you can consider. 

Start looking for movers ASAP

You might think that you will start looking for movers later. But truth be told, it is very important to start the hunt way before! This is because you would then get more time to actually find someone reasonable. Because of the moving season most of the companies are already booked and you might not find the perfect movers as per your requirement. The trick here is to start as soon as you can so that you do have the time to then make the perfect choice. The moment you have fixed the moving date, you should begin looking for movers. If you cannot find the ideal mover then you would at least have the time to look for other one. 

Ask for recommendations 

While looking for a mover you would not be able to find a reliable and affordable mover instantly. Every company claims to offer the best prices and discounts which are nearly impossible. So it is a good idea to ask your fellow movers about the services which they have availed. Your friends and family will definitely give you genuine recommendation based on which you can make your decision. 

Check the Customer Reviews 

When you are searching for movers on your own, a good idea is also to check the reviews given by the customers. Genuine reviews give you a thorough idea about what you can expect from the company. Other people would have described the details of what they liked and disliked about the services of the movers. Checking reviews is a good idea as you will save yourself from the possibility of getting conned. There are several movers who would simply increase the cost of their services depending on the clients. You would not get the value of the price you are paying too. Thus, always look at the customer reviews and then make the decision of finalizing the furniture removals.

Request for price estimates 

This is one of the most important steps for knowing the exact amount which you will be charged. You should always ask the professionals for a price estimate. Make it is point to ask them over the call or email as it hardly will be accurate. The best way here is to request a personal visit. Let the company come to your house and then find out exactly how much it will cost for the moving. Once they are in the house, you should ask them how much extra it would cost to cover the fragile materials. Doing this will ensure that you do not end up paying more than what is required. Make it a point to find out about the cheap movers Auckland who will deliver reliable services. 

Compare Moving Estimates 

After you have successfully researched about the various service providers, it is time to make the comparison. Check which mover is providing the best service as per your budget and requirement. You can compare the offerings to know which one will be worth investing. However, don’t go for the cheapest service provider just because the cost is low. You should ideally check what exactly their offerings are and whether or not they are providing quality services. After you have checked all the aspects of their offerings is when you can truly decide what to choose. 

Try Negotiating 

Lastly, you should try and negotiate with the movers to find out whether they can provide you with discounts or the like. You never know if you will get a discount without even trying. Doing a Google search will also help you a lot as there might be coupons available which you can avail. Before you decide to pay try all these tricks in order to get the best price for the service. 

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