Firstly apologies for no new posts to our blog for a number of weeks. This was due to technical difficulties which have now been fixed. Our blog will be updated every week as before.

Topics we have been focusing on over the past few weeks are our environment, environmental print and people who help us. We also looked briefly at Halloween, fireworks and Diwali. During Science Week we looked at the sun, moon and stars with the help of our friends from Primary 1. Through this we learned to sequence which events happen during the day and which events happen during the night. We also made some fantastic night time pictures.

For Literacy our recent focus has been environmental print. We have enjoyed looking at signs that are familiar to us that we can recognize when we are out and about. We went for a walk down the street to the Spar Shop to look for different signs. We have also enjoyed making our own signs. As always we have been reading lots of stories and learning new songs and rhymes. During the coming weeks we will be focusing on learning the first letter/sound of our first names.

For numeracy we have been continuing to focus on counting skills. We have also been looking at measuring different items with our new measuring tapes. This is ongoing but soon we are going to be looking at pattern. Can we recognize different patterns and maybe even create our own?

We have been doing gymnastics for PE in the morning and in the afternoon we have been learning lots of new ring games. Despite the worsening weather we do our best to suit up and enjoy outdoor play. We collected the fallen leaves, made rubbings of these and also made leaf pictures. As are looking at people who help us, we made our own fire engine and are enjoying lots of imaginative role play with this.

Expressive arts is always very busy. We have been doing lots of painting, junk modeling, made Halloween lanterns and colourful firework pictures, created a big “Our Town” display for the wall, made a ladder and hose for our fire engine and lots more. Next Friday the 4th December is Sparkle Day so we look forward to seeing you all in your brightest, sparkly clothes. After this all our Christmas activities begin We are continuing our senses topic this week and are still exploring sight and smell. Next week we will be looking at taste and touch.

It has been Literacy Week throughout the school and the book we have been looking at is The Rainbow Bear by Michael Morpurgo. We have all really enjoyed this story about a little bear who wished he was all the colours of the rainbow. At our art and craft area we have made our very own rainbow for our wall display. We are also making bears which we will add to the display when completed. Mrs McLachlan showed us how to make magic paintings with marbling ink. These are very effective and will be proudly displayed when they are dry. With Mrs Clark and Miss MacDonald we have been making our own books. There is a large range of different topics ranging from dinosaurs, butterflies and families.

For numeracy this week we are continuing with our focus on counting and sorting. We have singing lots of counting songs and also have lovely coloured numbers on a discovery table to look at.The weather has been so nice we have been outside every day. We have been mark making in the garden using bottles of water to make letters on the ground. We have also been round at the trim trail practising balance and coordination. It’s great to enjoy the sunshine for a change! Tomorrow is our teddy bears picnic to link in with our bear story. We are all excited about bringing our own bears to Early Years Class. Next week is the last of term one then we have a well-deserved week’s holiday. 

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