Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV, are special kinds of objects that can be flown by a person not sitting inside it, but by standing on the ground. With the help of just a remote controller, these drones can be controlled and can be made to go in whichever direction the controller on the ground wants. Now, you might think how can possibly be these objects be of any use to mankind. You will be surprised to know that drones are one of the most essential innovations made by us.

Essentially, drones were used only by the military to fly them over disputed grounds where people couldn’t penetrate in person. They helped in capturing images and gathering information associated with enemy camps. However, with the passage of time, this characteristic of drones has been put into use by various other industries as well. If you are interested in them, then you should do some research work before purchasing a DJI drone. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is one of the biggest drones and DJI distributors in Australia. They aim at offering high quality products and best customer service for stores all across the country.

Myths associated with Aerial Drone Photography

There is not just one type of drone available in the market. In fact, there is a large variety, each of them having their own speciality including aerial drone photography. Some drones might have a very good picture and video quality and might be perfect for film industry, while the other might be able to spray pesticide and water on the crops from above. DJI Osmo, DJI Mavic, DJI Inspire and DJI Spark fly more combo are few of the most popular drones that you will find in the market at decent prices. However, before purchasing one for you know the myths associated and services they actually offer –

  • Spying: People have this funny misconception that drones are mainly used for spying on other people. This belief is so strong that the very word is almost like a taboo. However, if you actually see clips taken from a drone, then you will notice that they are taken from quite above the ground level. From that height it is very difficult to make out little details let alone spotting someone on the road or inside a bedroom! So, drones are used mainly to enhance the artistic side of one’s nature and to experiment with it, rather than being a spy and extracting useless information.
  • Easy: It is often believed that drones are easy to fly and requires zero skill. One just has to get out there, take the remote controller and fly the drone just like it’s no big deal. However, the reality is very different. Flying a drone isn’t something that comes naturally to people. Controlling a flying object can be extremely tricky. There is a reason why pilots have to go and ace aviation schools. Or else you and I could’ve flown an airline just like that! If you really want to know how to take photos and videos with the help of a drone then you need to go to a park and start slow. Because the question is not whether you will crash the drone or not, it more like when will you crash. So go slow and steady.
  • Landscapes: Another common myth people believe is that you need to go to some exotic and beautiful place to shoot some good footage. However, this is not true at all. Believe it or not, but a bird’s eye view is truly mesmerizing and gives a completely new perspective to any landscape. Even if you shoot footage of your area from above, you will be amazed so see how aesthetic and beautiful it looks.
  • Laws: People often believe that drones don’t fly that high so zero laws regarding aviation applies to them like it does in the case of flights and jets. This is not true. Many countries have specific laws regarding the dos and don’ts of a drone. These laws are often pretty extensive, but they mainly centre around four main things: i) stay far away from the airport area, ii) keep them away from manned aircraft, iii) keep them in sight and iv) keep them light.

These are the few myths associated with drones. They teach us a basic lesson to not believe in all the things that we get to hear from random people. Do some research and find out what is actually true and what isn’t before buying a drone. Besides this, drones are also used for real estate and wedding photography these days so make sure that you choose the best aerial drone that fits your needs.

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