Fair tresses man’s imperial race insnare,
And beauty draws us by a single hair.
(Alexander Pope)

The beauty of a face is set against the background of the locks of your hair. And the beauty of your mane is dependent on your daily hair care regime. The basic principle to looking after your hair is about the same as it is to the rest of the body- cleansing, toning and conditioning. The most important aspect about caring for your hair is your choice of hair products and this is dependent on your hair type. So if your hair strands seem to stand apart and stick to your head then you have oily hair, dry hair is identified by its brittle nature and its tendency to tangle easily and break and finally combination hair is characterized by oily roots and dry ends. Choose your hair products carefully and according to the needs of your hair:

Dry hair: Requires a gentle natural shampoo for this type of hair preferably enriched with green tea extract that adds a sheen and strength to the hair.

Oily Hair: Needs regular washing with a shampoo with natural ingredients such as Rosemary and pansy extract which are known to be excellent for this kind of hair. Select a shampoo that is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, known to help maintain healthy hair.

Combination hair: Use a pH balance formula that is gentle enough to be used as often as required and adds a healthy body and shine to your hair.

Once the hair is clean it requires to be toned. The toning of scalp and hair is achieved by gently massaging the head. This helps in stimulating and invigorating the blood circulation required for the healthy growth of hair. The final part of your hair care routine is conditioning. This process is restorative in nature as it returns to the hair all that it has lost to excessive cleaning, the sun and use of harsh chemicals such as perm lotions. For long hair in particular, conditioners are vital as the overlapping scales which cover the outer layer of hair get roughed up as it grows. While dry hair should be conditioned once a week preferably with a conditioner rich in shea butter and Green tea extract, oily hair should be conditioned not more than once a month. Combination hair may be conditioned once in a fortnight.

An important point to be kept in mind while you care for your tresses is to include daily brushing or combing to remove dust, dead skin cells, tangles and to stimulate the scalp. It is best to use a brush that has bristles with rounded tips as they are less likely to scratch the scalp or tear and split the hair. Use a brush with boar and nylon bristles as the former promotes distribution of hair proteins and oils giving the hair an over all sheen, the nylon bristles are great for untangling your locks and also gently exfoliate the scalp. Select a brush which has a metallic body liner that reflects heat back to the hair thereby quickening the drying process. The secret to good brushing is to start at the nape of the neck and move towards the crown of the head.

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