You are likely to face many conflicting ideas when building your property, be it a house or a commercial space. One of the significant decisions among them is deciding on the flooring. Customized flooring has been trending for a while now, and so it is essential to know everything about it before you conclude.

There is a huge variety of custom flooring ideas in the market which are unique and durable. Some excellent customized wooden flooring can be done by utilizing companies with years of experience in engineered wood. The perks of using professional companies is that they only use trusted products of very high quality engineered wood. They also employ the best labor and use industry best practices to get the job done.

These companies specialize in custom flooring like laminate flooring in Wellington which is most popular in the region. Some methods are conventional. Therefore it is essential to know the differences and how to maintain them.

1. Pre-finished and site finished

Firstly, basic or solid wood is an actual slice of high-quality hardwood which is homogenous whereas wood used for customized flooring is engineered with a thin slice of solid wood combined with plywood to give the finish that customer demands. The engineered, as well as solid good, can either be pre-finished or finished on site but the requests for pre-finished is higher than the other.

2. Installation

Most companies only produce pre-finished items like timber flooring in Christchurch which can be fixed easily with one of the commonly followed methods. For engineered wood stapling, fold and lock or gluing can be done whereas solid wood can only be nailed or stapled.

3. Sanding

Engineered wood cannot undergo sanding for more than two times, but the solid wood is believed to make no significant difference even after multiple sanding. This is one major difference.

4. Resale value

Resale value for solid hardwood is more than the other because over the years the wood stays undamaged if appropriately maintained. But engineered wood has more buyers because of the real estate markets where this type of laminate or timber flooring is more attractive and less expensive than the hardwood.

5. Durability

Engineered wood cannot be compared with solid wood for durability. Solid wood can be damaged due to exposure to moisture. But it can stay longer than engineered as they are really thin and can get thinner with time. It also has chances of forming dents and irregularities over time if not appropriately maintained.

6. Moisture

Moisture has a major impact on solid wood than engineered wood. It is not advisable to be used in the kitchen and basement. Engineered wood can repair hardwood in this area as they are polished and protected from moisture. In some cases, site finished solid wood can resist moisture to some extent because of the top layer polish done on site.

7. Hardness

Solid wood is without a doubt harder than engineered wood. Hard hardwood is a category of engineered wood which is almost as hard as solid wood but only available in the exotic range. Other than this particular wood other engineered woods are not hard.

8. Installation areas

It is best to avoid the kitchen and bathroom from the wooden flooring. Bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, and powder rooms can be made elegant with wooden flooring. Engineered wood should be placed in a proper subfloor with basement. Do not use hardwood for the basement area.

Customized wood can be installed in houses for short term use. It can also help you get a pinch of elegance to the overall look and look beautiful even if you lay it in different rooms. Solid hardwood can be a little expensive and gives a more natural touch to your space and also can be considered as an investment if you are planning to go for the long term.

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