If you thought that relocating house is a big-time hassle, there are chances you haven’t heard of the struggles that go into shifting a commercial property. From valuable documents and a massive amount of stationery to expensive office equipment, the word ‘easy’ does not cross the mind of the ones involved in the relocation even once.

Your office relocation will significantly impact you, your employees and your customers, which means getting in the proactive mode to get things done efficiently is the need of the hour. Since moving is always a costly affair in terms of money and time, here is a soulful guide which will make it easier than you could imagine. Read on! 

  • Tread down the path of preparation

Without the right packing materials, how do you plan on carrying your fragile office equipment without breaking anything in the transportation? Well, it’s no news that you need good quality packing and stuffing supplies, so why wait for the last moment to get them in one place? A day before you start packing, make sure that you get tapes, scissors, cardboard boxes, stuffing elements, packing sheets, bubble wraps, labels and pens and other such mandatory materials to pack with ease. 

  • The sort and set scheme

Once you have all the packing materials in place, it’s time to get to it. Sort all the items, and categorise them to ease the process. Use your supplies wisely to ensure that nothing is wasted. Be careful with computer cables as a little twist can leave it unusable, so pack it in bubble wrap. Also, pack each computer monitor separately to prevent any breakage. Make a detailed checklist which will keep you sane in all the chaos. Moreover, you can use your phone skills to find easy packing hacks online which will save the day for you. 

  • The underrated labelling process

Many people think of labelling as a waste of their time until they have to open each box to obtain something they need urgently. Only if such people had labelled their boxes before the move, finding what they need would have been easier. Labelling and numbering on the top and sides of the boxes save a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. Also, make sure that all boxes are strategically packed so you don’t have to look for the mouse (in box 6) of the computer (in box 1).

  • Insurance is essential

Insurance is necessary to keep your mind at peace when travelling with fragile and expensive items. Opt for a moving company which offers coverage on their service so in case you lose or break something on the way you know you can claim a reasonable amount for it to buy another. Also, don’t forget to ask about their insurance policies for the workers because if they don’t have one, then you will be partially responsible for them in case of an accident.

  • Hire the experts

When you finally decide that this is too much for you to bear, emotionally and physically, look for the leading moving experts in your area and hire them ASAP to get the job done with perfection. From packing and transporting to loading and unloading, they will help you with every bit of it. 

You see, it takes an army to pack and move, but if you have time on your hands and the right tricks in your mind to prepare, nothing would seem like mountains of work. Keep these tips handy for when you start with the relocation process and don’t forget to hit the share button to let others know these brilliant tips too.

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