Look around you and figure out the most common non-ferrous material which is used widely in your home aside from steel and aluminium? Yes, it’s Copper! Copper has tons of benefits for you and your family, especially in the kitchen, which makes it a must-have in numerous households. While many enjoy the fact of using copper utensils and furniture pieces in home, there are instances when we seen many hesitate regarding their maintenance and cleanliness routine. If you have such doubts popping in your head too, we are here to help you. Read on for all the basic information you need about copper in homes for making an informed decision.

Uses of copper in your home

1. Kitchenware

We use a lot of copper in our kitchens. Copper utensils are promote better health in humans which makes it a great option to eat and cook food in. Many opt for copper kitchen sinks as well as it maintains certain properties as compared to other kitchen materials. Many people believe in keeping using copper jugs and glasses for drinking water at all time to use it’s materials to their health advantage. Since it’s boosts immunity, helps in better skin and mental clarity, there are numerous other reasons which compels people to use copper in their kitchens.

2. Wiring

Whether it’s electrical wiring or piping solutions, copper is undoubtedly the best option for you. Due to its great electrical and thermal conductive nature, copper presents itself as a brilliant option. Even though aluminium and silver have gained great hold over the industry when it comes to wiring supplies, copper remains an affordable and reliable source which has better weightage over its counterparts. Since copper is a fantastic material when it comes to recycling, experts of providing good scrap copper prices such as  Sydney copper recycling suggests that copper serves fantastically as a recycled material as well.

3. Decorative items

Since abstract and unique artworks has gained a lot of importance in the past few years, recycled items and bare materials are used extensively to create a masterpiece, and copper is one of them. Copper masterpieces are sold in the market at quite affordable prices and are purchased in bulk because of their sturdy nature, beautiful tarnished look and a whole load of benefits for human health. You can choose vases, photo frames, clocks and other such materials as copper centrepieces and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

4. Maintenance and cleanliness

Containing great antimicrobial properties, copper ensures the removal of bacteria and viruses from the home. It brilliantly fights against bacteria and pathogens, thus cleaning your environment of potent health hazards.

For desired results, you have to ensure that you have purchased a real copper sink instead of a recycled copper sink as its cleanliness and maintenance is a tedious task. The non-recycled sink will be easily cleaned and drained properly, whereas the recycled one will be cleaned with wax and proper drying after every wash and it may even present a clogging issue. The only solution is to find a trusted source to purchase the sink and other products.

Basic facts about Copper

1. Copper bears eccentric rustic characteristic which gives it a beautifully unique look for the years to come.

2. Copper rich foods help in keeping our bodies healthy and active such as beans, almonds, chocolates and more

3. Copper offers almost endless recyclability which makes it perfect to gain great scrap copper prices Sydney.

Enticed by copper right? If you have any scrap copper at home, don’t waste it! Sell it to your nearest or trusted scrappers to get a great bargain, and also make use of recycled copper to your advantage.


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